Sunday, April 27, 2014

Earth's Core Mantle Boundary CMB Microwave Background Emission By the Oceans Mimics and Disproves the Big-bang's CMB

Robitaille believes the CMB is not cosmic, but a hydrogen signal produced by earth's oceans. Earth itself has never provided interference in the detection measurements results, although the oceans absorb and emit microwave radiation, just as a microwave oven heats water. This indicates the earth is the source of the CMB. 

The CMB or Cosmic Microwave Background Source is emitted by Earth's Oceans, says Robitaille. This video proves enormous bursts of microwaves originate out of the Atlantic ocean:

 The microwave radiation absorbed and emitted by the oceans is most likely being produced by Earth's Core Mantle Boundary. Robitaille doesn't know about geology, and how the core mantle region produces microwaves, so believes in a complicated water monopole source. The video shows the Geomagnetic field on Earth's Core Mantle Boundary where a solid to liquid transition occurs:

Earth's CMB or Core Mantle Boundary is a phase change transition of solid rock crystals mixed together with a MHD fluid flow structure, and likely with a superfluid counterflow component. Melting mantle material rises upwards by convection above the more dense liquid elements like iron and nickel below in the molten core. Microwave radiation heats the upper mantle, causing convection in the mantle and plate tectonics. Most of this microwave radiation readily passes through Earth's oceans out into space, not through cooled rocky continents. Oceans cover 70% of the surface area and have thinner crusts closer to the mantle. Earth's geomagnetic flow field emits microwave radiation that forms the same patterns that the CMB or Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation does. This is a phase change and not a big-bang. 

The Geomagnetic Core Field

Earth's Core Mantle Boundary Video:

The Planck telescope was 1.5 million miles away from Earth, when a controversal claim of a CMB detection was announced. Robitaille's data analysis shows there was not any CMB detection, and merely artifacts or relics. Another likely explanation for the cosmic microwave background radiation, is that it originates at the boundary of our galaxy with the intergalactic medium. The magnetic field strenghts, densities, pressures, and temperatures are extremely different at this boundary. This would make the appearance to us of an all sky microwave background looking from inside our galaxy.

CMBR Phony Dogma of Gravity Waves Detected mimic the Earth's CMB and Ocean Microwave Emission Bursts

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