Wednesday, March 23, 2011

HOLOGRAMS : The Universe is Light and Matter produced everywhere by Black and White Holes Vortices

Scientist Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four discovered a hologram producing device on the ocean floor.  Richards used the holographic projector to make moving holograms of huge monsters roaming the earth, successfully thwarting away an alien invasion. 
Light (photons) are both particles that can comprise and form a single stable object, and energy WAVE fractal changing patterns. Electrons are similar yet different to photons. Electric currents are proven to "pull" together separate objects and particles. Magnetic fields can either repel or attract objects and particles, having infinitely smaller and larger fractal scaling sizes in the Universe of quantum cosmology. The smaller sub-atomic particles that perish change the larger macro-scale objects, and the large or dense scale structures of the universe change the conditions in the quantum realm.
Light has black knots, singularities. Computer Generated Holograms CGS have black centers. Black and White Holes are everywhere as naked singularities.  Super massive black holes at galaxy centers are vortices of dust, gas, jets, and light, that projects and illuminates galaxies in the Universe.
Black and White holes are inferred to exist, only because of the belief in gravitational theory, they are entirely theoretical and hypothetical.  Black holes have never been observed, and yet they are in all galactic centers. Black and white holes are the same object, yet are opposites.  A time reverse black hole is a white hole. Phase-conjugate mirrors produce "time-reversal" of light. Point sources make real-time holograms. Any wave can make a hologram. Wave theory is most widely accepted for the Universe.  A Vortex that consumes matter is a black hole, and a vortex that dispels matter is a white hole. The same black and white hole has Gravity ! Light is never really trapped forever inside a black hole, because the singularity cannot actually exist.  White holes emit light waves and quantum particles of matter, that emerge and reconstruct objects, that are dispelled at light speed, perhaps faster then c.  These vortices form all stable matter in the universe, from all scales:  sub-planck, planck, atomic, stellar, galactic, supercluster, hypercluster...  There is no ultimate smallest particle, deemed the God particle or Higgs Particle being searched for. Electrons are composed of innumerable smaller particles.  An ELECTRON has no finite size, and no spatial extent, and is a point particle. All objects including electrons have a wave function.  Electrons emit photons as white holes, and absorb photons in vortical black holes, which constituents a naked singularity.  The Naked Singularity is the ultimate enemy to the belief in black holes and gravitational theory, and is really common sense observable logic !  Hawking says a naked singularity is mathematically possible, but foolishly considers it to be improbable, having his own math for the unproven big-bang black hole gravity theory instead. Further utter sheer big-bang nonsense is that there is an ultimate and observationally required largest sized object that can exist in the universe, called a supercluster that cannot be surpassed in size. The big-bang is only 4% visible real matter. Everything else, the remaining 96%, is fictionally theoretically acquired, including dark energy, dark matter, black and white holes.  Rene Descartes, Lord Kelvin, Walter Russell, and Helmholtz were amongst the first, if not ancient Greece, to theorize Vortex Cosmology. The UNIVERSAL VORTICAL SINGULARITY is the best cosmological model available today to explain the Universe. "A Theory of Everything in a single model with a concept of nothingness that begets everything."  Holograms were unknown and undiscovered until 1947 by Gabor, which enhances the reality of vortex cosmology, making it practically a theory of everything.  New Illuminati says "The Universe is a hologram whole of vorticles" i.e. the corollary of black holes. "The Universe is a self-maintaining vortex, having no beginning nor end in timespace." Information and entropy of black holes are fully explainable by Holographic Principles, because Holograms contain entire information from all collective sources in the universe.  3-D intersecting cosmic and quantum vortex filaments explains 100% of the universe, without the absolute belief in the reality of gravity and dark energy.  Abandon the belief in unprovable invisible gravity, for the foundation of a better understanding of the Universe. Little is understood about gravity, and yet dark matter was devised for missing gravity, required to maintain the shapes of galaxies. Billions were wasted on the LIGO space telescope, which of course failed to detect any gravity waves in outer space. No gravity waves nor graviton particles will ever be detected, because gravity is an observed phenomena.  The earth, like all terrestial planets, are balls of dust, in a universe that is essentially entirely composed of plasma.  Newton's gravitational equation and Einsteins relativity theories are not fully satisfactory. In fact, they are mathematically devised to have center of mass point sources, that only approximate observations of inferred gravity between separate spherical objects.  Gravitational theory fails miserably with flat spiral shaped galaxies populating the universe, requiring rounded squashed beach ball halos of dark matter to keep stars in orbit around the center of galaxies. Galaxies do not have a point source singularity at their centers, because plasma EM forces are operating. Wishing for unified theories and better measurements, arises the invention of dark matter, and alternative gravity theories like MOND, quantum gravity, etc.  All of these, including string theories, parallel universes, even multi-verses, are entirely unnecessary, having arisen from the belief in gravity and the big-bang.  

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Type II SUPERCONDUCTORS constrain the magnetic field in FILAMENTS surrounded by vortex currents.
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