Monday, September 30, 2013

Gravitational Lens Interpretation Proven Wrong by Metamaterials Bending Light

Gravitational lens demise

The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation is purported to bend around massive cosmic objects by the gravitational lens theory. Metamaterial space fabrics prove what really happens to light is diffraction. The primordial big-bang radiation would not still be traveling around to reach earth, and be bent by huge galaxy clusters full of dark matter nonsense, all by gravity theories that take nothing into account by enormously strong and vast electric and magnetic fields.

Obtaining an exact solution of Einstein's equations proves it's entirely reasonable to discard the so called "gravitational lens" theory. Maxwell's equations do not have a gravity component.

Mathematical, imaginary for nature, and theoretical, are truthful descriptions of special relativity that purports the big-bang gravity cosmology, that requires devising unseen dark matter and theoretical black holes. A societal institutional virus plaques mankind's progress in cosmology, widely misrepresented as the gravitational lens interpretation, along with the big bang theory. All true phenomena is electromagnetic in nature, that gravity theorists falsely mimic and analog by using special relativity.

Piezoelectric Metamaterial Black Holes

Graphene, Buckyballs Detected in Outer Space Suggests Electromagnetism in Metamaterials Shapes the Universe

Thursday, September 26, 2013

NanoDisk Galaxy Model Highly Organized by H2, Nanodust Grains, Light, Cold Gas, and Magnetic Fields to Form Stars

Charged nanoparticles in free Brownian motion

 Nanorods and nanospheres

Photonic nanorods
Extreme high voltage plasma interactions by an applied magnetic field

A Nano-cosmology of dust, plasma, magnetohydrodynamics, and phase changes into superfluids and supersolids. Protoplanetary disks that form planets, and galaxy disks that form star systems, are significantly shaped by H2 astrochemistry, geometric lattices aligning by light interactions, and nano-scale crystal phase changes. H2 molecular hydrogen attracts and binds to dust grains, that moves and aligns grains collectively to form complex plasma cosmic structures. 


Cold molecules

Electrical and magnetic charges are now being observed for the first time in outer space:

H2 Molecular Hydrogen the most common molecule in the interstellar medium of all galaxies, attaches to substrate dust grains, that collectively magnetically align into entire solar system accretion disks that form planets, and galaxy disks where stars form.

 The coldest clouds are undetectable like black holes that are best modeled as real superfluid helium with impurities.

Nanoscientist Zheng wrote me back once, about my nano-galaxy model. She wrote that it is a good analogy of a galaxy, the formation of nanoparticles into nanorods, that suddenly behave like a single huge giant like atom. Nanorods self-assemble like our milky way galaxy bar structure, and both have the same ratios of width, length, and thickness. 

Original Feature story on Nanodisks and Nanogalaxies
3d geometry of crystal nanorods forming larger hierarchical structures is a good galaxy analogy

Mysterious gap in disk explainable by electromagnetic nanotechnology
 Nanocosmology forms binary and trinary  star systems by disk fragmentation, not gravitational collapse of gas.

Stars forming in dusty twisted pearl string vortex filaments

Silicon coated organic nanorods

Metamaterials like quartz and graphene form cosmic scale nanodisks 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Blue Lightning Jets Explain Away Findings of Diatom Alien Life in Earth's Stratosphere

A broken diatom crustacean shell fragment claimed to be alien in nature, has the appearance of an aquatic earth diatom.  Found 22-27 kilometers high in the stratosphere, famous scientist Wickramasinghe who is  involved in the paper, states that the only possible known mechanism to transport a diatom to this height is by gravito-electrophoresis, forest fires that strengthen thunderstorms and lightning, or by blue lightning, which has been observed in 2001 to travel over 70 kilometers high, and reaching thicknesses between 35-45 km. I prefer believing in these observations as the explanation, rather than finding alien life that looks like it came from earth.

Alien Diatoms like on Earth?? Let's not neglect a good scientific explanation. Gigantic blue jets observed originate from near the center of the thunderstorm cloud, shooting upwards into a magnetically confined conical shaped structure, originating from where the charges are the strongest. Aquatic diatoms from earth are easily carried up by winds into low level rain clouds, and eventually into outer space. 

How fascinating to think about writing a new textbook on how alien life spreads throughout the universe. The best suited organisms will exponentially replicate naturally in extreme outer space conditions inside buckyballs with liquid water and dusty mineral particles. Buckyballs stacked like orange crates that fill the volume of huge mountains were discovered in a planetary nebula.

Blue Jets carry up aquatic diatoms

Gigantic jets send alien life forms into outer space

 Bipolar galactic blue jets spread bugs to other galaxies

      the central region of the galaxy, near the accretion disk entirely concealing a theoretically postulated but never observed black hole.

Conclusion: Life spreads throughout solar systems, star systems, and galaxies, by gigantic blue jets taking upwards living things that can adapt and survive in outer space conditions. Life is commonly flourishing inside outer space carbon nanotubes and rolled buckyballs, that keeps water a super cooled liquid upon carbon surface contact. DNA self assembles on carbon nanotubes in outer space conditions, showed Johnson. The first alien life we will discover will be different than earth life. We'll wait and see if the alien diatom tests find a new biochemistry unknown to us, but that's extremely unlikely. 

Graphene Detection in the Magellanic Clouds indicates new electrohydromagnetic complex plasma operating based cosmology still growing.

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Cheap handheld Holographic microscope

Build your own CLOAKING DEVICE from magnetic tape and off-the-shelf superconductors

EM Black Hole Device without Gravity

Type II SUPERCONDUCTORS constrain the magnetic field in FILAMENTS surrounded by vortex currents.

Type II SUPERCONDUCTORS constrain the magnetic field in FILAMENTS surrounded by vortex currents.
Superfluid helium is a type II superconductor that carries angular momentum by electric currents in quantized vortices