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Piezoelectric Metamaterial "Black Holes" Produce Electricity

Black holes have both liquid and solid properties together, like of ordinary matter, and thermodynamic temperatures that analog and mimic helium's superstate phase change of  gaseous He2 into superfluid and superconducting helium3, near 3 degrees Kelvin. Cosmic strings analog as large charged vortex clusters in liquid helium 3, that in a strong electric field form a two-dimensional charged system of heavy particles below the surface of superfluid helium 3, showed Dyugen, Grigoriev, Wyder. "Vortex formation in superfluid 3He is an analog of cosmological defect formation. Liquid helium can explain the cosmic microwave background radiation, and cosmic string theories, without gravity.  (Liquid and Solid States of Hydrogen and Helium Atoms Predominate in the Universe)  So it's apparent with some research that black holes are really mostly composed of superfluid 3He and a supersolid helium core! Dusty impurities are expelled out to form the hot insulating accretion disk. Are you indeed now one of the enlightened few in society who can understand cosmological truths better than cosmologists, about what black holes really are? What is taught is that black holes have gravity, and the universe is full of dark matter and dark energy. Is this not simple understandable science?

Piezoelectric metamaterial "Black Holes" produce electricity when squeezed, stretched, or compressed. Quartz, graphene, buckyballs, and notably solid helium crystals are exceptional piezoelectric metamaterials. Many exotic metals become piezoelectric when contacting liquid helium around 2 degrees kelvin, and mimic black holes by holographic duality. Black holes are explainable as exotic phase changes of matter. Liquid helium purifies itself and remains liquid as it approaches absolute zero mimicking black holes. Solid and liquid ultracold superstates of helium are the main constituents of unseen inferred galaxy centers called black holes. Silica is common in outer space in dusty star and galaxy disks.  "Black Holes Get Electric When Flexed"  "Black Hole Brains as Piezoelectrics" by Jay Armas
Electrical streamers by Gabor Pozsgai at

Electricity and magnetism are the only fundamental forces of reality. Electric fields induced by mechanical stresses (galaxies colliding) are the basic feature of piezoelectrics, and their behavior is governed by the physics of electroelastic materials. Inventing human mathematical gravity science requiring enormous dark matter and unseen fictional black holes, is no longer credible science. A phony black hole is envisioned as a pinpoint particle with charge. Adding a dimension makes a charged string, and adding another dimension makes it a plane or a black brane. Bending and folding black branes into a blackfold produces piezoelectric effects. This is entirely sufficient explanatory cosmology, without including the outlandish descriptive distortions of reality involving gravitational theories that divert attention from the universe being ruled by electromagnetism. Birkeland currents twisting filaments explains the shapes, without dark matter components that literally require being attached inside and around the regions where filaments intersect and wrap together by magnetic fields.

Jay Armas of Copenhagen University in Denmark claims uncovering a new response coefficient of charged black branes exhibiting piezoelectric behavior. Black branes follow the mathematics of fluid dynamics like in the quark-gluon plasma. Black branes can behave like liquids and/or solids, clearly indicating that helium is the primary metamaterial we are seeking to truthfully explain black holes. A black brane with electric charge bends to convert mechanical stress into an electric field, as in piezoelectric materials. Flexing the solid form is what most likely generates an electric field. Piezoelectric crystals lack symmetry and the opposite charges separate, forming plasma bubbles that implode.  Jay Armas says "Einstein's equations are complex and unwieldy, so one trick to try to describe them is by ordinary materials." This is not really a trick, because trying to apply phony relativity to electromagnetic phenomena is wrong science.

Exotic metals mimic spinning black holes by holographic duality. There is a close correspondence between the physical properties of holographic metals near charged black holes in anti-de Sitter space, and the fractionalized Fermi liquid phase of the lattice Anderson model.
Helium Crystals Grow Without Gravity
"Ripening of Splashed 4He Crystals by Acoustic Waves with and without Gravity" "Rapid Growth of Helium Crystals in Zero Gravity" Helium crystals rapidly formed one single large 10 mm sized crystal in a new experiment without gravity. Without gravity helium crystals can rapidly grow in seconds to far larger sizes.  Supernovas when exploding are under zero gravity conditions.  Superfluid behaving plasmas under these enormous pressures and high acoustic wave sonic booms produced by supernovas are presumed to suddenly form black holes. The truthful explanation is most likely that black holes form where a huge helium crystal core is contacting or surrounded by liquid helium, similar to what happened in the experiment. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Cosmic Rays Reveal Electricity Flows Where Wolf-Rayet Stars in OB Associations form Magnetized Superbubbles

Moving Positive Charged Cosmic Rays in the Conventional Current Proves Cosmic Electricity
Cosmic Electricity Accelerates Positive Charges in Outer Space by Cosmic Rays

The direction by "established convention" of an electric current is the direction in which a positive charge would move. Ben Franklin envisioned positive charges as the carriers of charge in the universe. In metal conductors on earth, an electric current is a flow of negative charges (electrons) that flow from negative to positive. The positive charges do not move in metal conductors on earth, but do in outer space. In cosmology, the literal reality that outer space is ruled by electricity and magnetism, is foolishly dismissed to invent dark matter, dark energy, and black holes, and still support and describe Einstein's special relativity theory of gravity. Cosmic rays are moving positive charged nuclei. (Cosmic rays are + charged particles) Vast cosmic scale electrical Birkeland currents produce magnetic fields that accelerate positive charged particles by supernovas that literally shapes outer space cosmic plasma phenomena. Galaxies are literally formed by supernovas. Cosmic rays are 90% positive charged hydrogen nuclei, 9% helium nuclei, and 1% heavier element nuclei. Cosmic rays move at relativistic speeds, and have been determined to largely originate from loosely organized groups of hot, massive Wolf-Rayet stars called OB associations, which form plasma superbubbles. These incredibly massive stars form quickly and rapidly supernova, but black holes cannot be found to form according to theory. This mystery still riddles astronomers, who believe black holes are concealed behind gas and dust. About 10% of the energy of a supernova goes into accelerating cosmic rays to relativistic speeds. 
OB Associations of Wolf-Rayet Stars in the Tarantula Nebula
OB Associations

Superbubbles associated with Wolf-Rayet supernovas
Wolf-Rayet stars surrounded by a windy nebula

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Super-Earth Free Roaming Living Planets Could Support Smaller Lifeforms

Star Tau Ceti is only 12 light years away, and has a 4.3 earth mass "superearth" planet in the habitable zone for life. Gilster says "we will be able to make a spectroscopic analysis of the atmospheres of the five planets." "If we discover a biosignature indicating life is present, this will clearly make such a planet a priority for any future probes, possible in the next two decades." 

Rogue planet CFBDSIR2149 is just 100 light years away and is the first and easiest detectable super-earth planet or brown dwarf star
The first rogue planet discovered by infrared telescope is only 100 light years away, and lacks a parent star.  Scientists believe it might be a brown dwarf or "failed star" that lacks fusion, blurring the distinction between planets and stars. They believe that many more rogue planets exist and can be found. If so, freely wandering rogue planets very likely proliferate in the interstellar medium of galaxies. Intelligent life can evolve on a freely wandering roaming rogue planet without a star, because liquid metals like magnesium oxide are in a phase change or superstate where a strong magnetic field can shelter the planet, much like our sun protects earth from deadly radiation with its magnetic field. Alien surface crawlers might thrive where liquid nutrients rise and fill lakes suppling their drinking needs. An actual living super-earth free roaming rogue planet sized object could evolve, primarily composed of superstate liquids, and supporting smaller lifeforms inside and on its surface. 
liquid metallic-silica based life on a super-earth planet
It seems foolish to presume that life must come into existence and evolve on a non-living planet. Symbiotic activity is necessary for a complex life form to exist, with innumerable smaller living things inside and upon it. Just as there are plants and animals, and many smaller cells composing a larger organism, so too would life forms more readily evolve, perhaps like symbiotic parasites on an entire living planet. Supercritical liquid metals besides magnesium oxide, ooze inside super-earth planets. Common rocky silicate minerals become liquids under high temperature and pressure, including quartz, silica or SiO2, and perovskite or magnesium silicate. About 200 or 1/4 of over 800 alien exoplanets discovered so far are super-earths. Unimaginably new thinking has become necessary to understand super-earth planets. Different temperature and pressure conditions, and amounts of metallic elements, would lead to a rich astrochemistry for super-earth planets that can support extremely diverse types of life. Silicon based life should thrive in many super-earth conditions, far better than on Venus. 
Diamond super-earth planet
faint nearby detected rogue planet
Liquid metallic planets
Lab laser experiment shows that magnesium oxide metal becomes a supercritical liquid under super-earth conditions

Super-earths, rogue planets, and brown dwarf stars have supercritical states, and are self-similar size invariant objects similar to galaxies having magnetic fields.

PAC's are abundantly found around planets. PAC's in outer space could also have been excreted by living biologic processes similar to life on earth. Life on earth commonly excretes PAC's as waste products within a few days from metabolic processes. Living Super earth planets could be responsible for excreting PAC's in the ISM.

Human blood crystallization fractals are self-similar to coastline fractals
Phase changes of matter are fractal boundaries, endpoints or cutoffs to fractal organization. Blood crystals analog the coastline on earth, and the earth is often referred to as a "living planet."

 The largest living organism on earth is not the whale, but a honey mustard fungus monster growing in Oregon, that is 1,500 acres in size, and 3 feet deep beneath the surface. The only way to detect this huge earth life form is by seeing huge honey mushrooms growing. Such a life form could conceivably take over the entire surface of a planet, which evolves into a living planet by symbiosis.

Is Planet Earth Alive?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Magnetic Fields and Plasma Jets Shaped by Birkeland Currents Explain Gravitational Black Holes

Magnetic field lines from phony black holes produce plasma jets we observe on earth. A spinning center region produces jets along its spin axis.  
Magnetic fields alter alignment of acccretion disk and plasma jets (that carry electric current) Feature story
A "magneto-spin alignment mechanism" causes magnetized disks and jets to align with the spin near the center, and farther away to reorient with the outer disk. 
Stanford University team McKinney, Tchekhovskoy, and Blandford showed in these computer simulations that magnetic field lines form spirals aligned with the axis of rotation of a phony black hole. Birkeland currents are responsible in outer space.  If the magnetic field becomes strong enough, the accretion disk can align with the black hole's rotation axis. They propose "material pulled into the center region causes a stronger buildup of magnetic fields that ultimately controls the spin of the accretion disk, and the direction of the jets." 
Astrophysicists focus on magnetism to explain black holes
Videos of the "Magneto-spin alignment mechanism" by the Stanford University team McKinney, Tchekhovskoy, and Blandford :

Birkeland currents twisting into filamentary plasma knots shapes galaxies

Birkeland currents twist gas and (orange colored dust) together into vast thin magnetically confined (orange colored filaments). Stars form like beads on strings inside these filaments. Clear evidence of magnetic fields forming stars. 

 star formation

Plasma behaves like a superfluid

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Type II SUPERCONDUCTORS constrain the magnetic field in FILAMENTS surrounded by vortex currents.

Type II SUPERCONDUCTORS constrain the magnetic field in FILAMENTS surrounded by vortex currents.
Superfluid helium is a type II superconductor that carries angular momentum by electric currents in quantized vortices