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Andrulis Gyres Vortex Everything Theory Cosmology Explained

spinning spiral GYRES
Are Gyres an Electromagnetic Plasma Vortex Cosmology? Where did Andrulis go wrong, and why all the criticism? A DEFENSE of Erik Andrulis is written by Miles Matthis, saying that "toes were stepped on and Andrulis was not playing by the rules." "This is politics not science." 

Petroglyph Spiral
Petroglyphs are commonly spirals showing ancient cosmological knowledge. "The most wonderful thing of all is that these explanations really origin from a modernized interpretation of many global myths of creation, combined with the best and natural knowledge from modern astrophysics and cosmology" says Ivar Nielsen. "Andrulis sets up eternally ancient principles with newer terms, and is seemingly accepting the big-bang, which doesn't help support his case in the long run. Ancient ancestors knew a lot about creative swirling principles inwards and outwards. Several myths talk directly of deities as winding and knitting the threads of life" states Ivar Nielsen.

Anthony Peratt writes in "Characteristics of a high current z-pinch aurora as recorded in antiquity by Petroglyphs" that "many petroglyphs have a plasma discharge or plasma instability counterpart, some on a one-to-one or overlay basis." "basic petroglyph morphologies found only in rocks are the same as those recorded in extreme high energy density plasma discharges."  

The Electric Universe science includes electricity, magnetic fields, and plasma as major cosmological components.  Andrulis wrote fictional devised ideas about gyres using linked gibberish, but has some good ideas about vortices.  Andrulis wrote little about the fractal filamentary structures in the universe like the fractal filamentary life-like cosmic web organizing galaxies like infinite vortices. The best newest emerging cosmology, with nothing out there any better, is your very own. Reject any cosmology that requires all the others to be wrong. Real Cosmology is the true SOURCE of Electromagnetism where ALL Knowledge of the Universe and phenomena has been acquired. Vortices, Metamaterials, plasmonics, superconductivity, electric and magnetic fields, lasers, nanotubes, graphenes, quasicrystals...are dynamically intertwined as a fractal cosmology ruling and shaping the Universe at all scales.
Andrulis says "Everything all matter OSCILLATES between EXCITED and GROUND STATES. Gyres dynamically transform energy, matter, light, space, and information into physical systems of reality."  Andrulis states in the paper "Heterodox yet simple Gyre is a spiral, vortex, whorl, or similar circular pattern having life-like characteristics. The gyromodel depicts the spatiotemporal behavior and properties of elemental particles, CELESTIAL BODIES, atoms, chemicals, molecules, and systems as quantized packets of information energy, and/or matter that oscillates between excited and ground states around a singularity that modulates these states by alternating attractive and repulsive forces. The singularity itself is modeled as a gyre by magnetothermodynamics having a fractal nested organization. Galaxies, solar systems, comets, moons, all gyrate. Tornadoes, hurricanes, ocean currents, eddies, proteins, DNA, and shells are all VORTEX or vortices. Gyres manifest particular shapes and patterns of a non-Euclidean geometry. Viewed transversely as elongated, helicoid, conical, funnel-shaped, cylindrical, catenoid, flattened, or DISC-LIKE SHAPED. When viewed head on both the singularity and aperture frequently appear as perfect circles, like in a GALACTIC CENTER or hurricane eye. Any gyre is fractal because of its self-similarity, fine structure, simple and recursive nature. Gyres are symmetrical having organizational or compositional reflectivity, identity, or similarity around a radial axis that bisects the singularity. THIS SYMMETRY IS DETECTABLE IN SPIRAL GALAXIES, and the CENTROSOME of cells. The gyra singularity is the central position around which energy and matter revolve. The singularity is the point of highest energy and matter density, and found in astrophysics and life cell biology sciences", states Andrulis.
Energy-Matter Gyres Vortex

 Vortex Cosmology (The Best Website) is the Gyres theory of Descartes which Andrulis wrote about which caused outrageous stir and unwarranted resignations from those who approved the publication. Open your mind without criticism on ANDRULIS NATURE PAPER, and see through the funded paid peers reviewers who criticize it, because the paper leads towards destroying their collaboration funding association with gravity cosmology institutions using the big-bang theory as the 100% model of the Universe for receiving all government fundings.  Mainstream science ignores the TRUE NATURE of electromagnetic forces by disbelieving in the AETHER.  Maxwell proposed the DISPLACEMENT ELECTRIC CURRENT in 1861 that fills all of space in the Universe, so that an electric current can travel through EMPTY space, but only for very few OSCILLATIONS--LIGHT ! The electric field is of course the gravitational field theory that is plaqued with missing dark matter gravity stifling real scientific progress. The mathematics of vortices are dynamically electromagnetically complex rather than non-existent. Rather than an atomic theory with electrons orbiting a strict nucleus, gyro-theory views quantum sub-atomic particles and stable objects made of atoms, as fractal oscillating energy matter wave patterns in packets. Gyres form all stable matter which is composed of stabilized orbital quantum particles and objects like the Trojan asteroids. Electromagnetic forces form an infinite fractal hierarchy at these boundary conditions at the speed of light. Electrons swarm, stream and tunnel jumping across vortex field lines. All stable macro-scale objects including planets, stars, galaxies and groups, form by particles having stable orbits that obey the same EM laws.
Flame Fire Vortex

Water Molecule Vortex
Dust devil vortex on Mars

Superstates are magnified higher energy excited states causing transitional changes in matter that form Superstructures. A neutron star is composed of neutrons in a superfluid, and a supernova produces energy equal to a galaxy. Fractal size-scaling of EM phenomena shows how a solar system is like Bohr's atom model. All this shows that mathematics cannot define a theory of everything, and cannot discern the never empty vacuum of nothingness. Virtual photons appear out of the vacuum in pairs under magnetic fields.

Trojan asteroids located at Lagrange points precisely model an electron wave packet, showing a FRACTAL GROUND and EXCITED STATE relationship between an atom's electron orbiting the nucleus, and the moons of all planets located at lagrange points orbiting the sun.  

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Type II SUPERCONDUCTORS constrain the magnetic field in FILAMENTS surrounded by vortex currents.
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