Thursday, July 28, 2011

The End of Time and Macroscopic General Relativity Approximations Requiring Dark Matter

Smolyaninov in "Hyperbolic Metamaterial Interfaces: Hawking Radiation from Rindler Horizons and the End of Time" states  "Modern developments in gravitation research strongly indicate that classic general relativity is a macroscopic field theory which needs to be replaced with a more fundamental theory based on yet unknown microscopic degrees of freedom by the emerging spacetime analogue program. Smolyaninov states "there is a region of optical space near x=0 that does look like an electromagnetic black hole having effective surface gravity at the horizon. Surface Plasmons always emit colored light rays says Kawata, usually only visible within a few namometers of the metal's surface. If the light bounces off a ridged surface, it can PROJECT A PLASMONIC HOLOGRAM far enough away to be seen by the naked eye (Holographic Galaxy ).  Metamaterials can manipulate electromagnetic outer space, to create the EM equivalents of all the phony macroscopic objects of relativity, including wormholes, black holes, spinning cosmic strings,the Big Crunch  and metric big-bang itself.  Actually the real EM forces should not even be called the analogues, but are Maxwell's equations of electromagnetism that Einstein used to develop relativity. Photon-electrons waves called plasmons excited by a galactic supermassive black hole laser beam coursed through the metamaterial effectively ends time. Higher harmonic generation must be interpreted as particle creation at the moment of metric signature change.  The EM field simply diverges when time ends. Higher harmonic generation ends the world, as photons undergo a higher harmonic generation or a sudden rise in frequency and energy, which means the end of time.  Smolyaninov says "the end of time looks very hot."  If a dimension is perpendicular to a space dimension, it simply hits a dead end, and time runs out. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Big-Bang String Theories and Phenomenology Papers were Shredded at the Europhysics Conference on High-Energy Physics

The Europhysics Conference on High-Energy Physics July 2011 is Underway and a lot of paper shredders and tons of Big-Bang PHENOMENOLOGY papers and Big-Bang theories are being shredded," states Crowell of The recent result of the lack of graininess of outer space DEMOLISHES MOST Big-bang theories. There are literally Tons of refuse and rubbish from 30,000 Big-bang related papers. The Big Blow to the Big-bang is that NO ETERNAL INFLATIONARY PROCESS is possible without the planck length scale in outer space. INFLATION IS WRONG IN ALL BIG-BANG MODELS.  The Holographic Principle indicates that physics on a smaller scale than the planck length is DUAL to physics on a larger scale.  The shift from sub-planck to supra-planck is some kind of phase transition. All the Multiverse theories to save inflation for the big-bang are too far reaching for any to be provable, including Polarizing Bubble Collisions by Linde. The gravity scientists at UniverseToday even state that some new physics is needed, because no model of inflation any longer fits any mathematics. The anomalous cold spot on the CMB polarization will soon be studied to see if there is a multiverse, or a dark flow dipole that Kashlinski of NASA and others have found.

Kronberger 61 Planetary Nebula is likely the common death for most stars including the sun, says De Marco.  New telescopic observations are supporting new stellar theories, including this bubbly fractal soccer ball like plasma structure of death for ALL stars.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Galaxy Spin causes Antimatter

The galaxy is NOT the source with the LARGEST effect as Mark Hadley claims, when you include spinning Superclusters and Hyperclusters. The weak pseudo-gravity force is an imaginary macroscopic human concept. 

Mark Hadley University of Warwick says "the spin of our galaxy has a twisting effect on our local space that is a million times stronger than that caused by the spin of the earth."  The speed and angular momentum of the milky way's spin creates frame dragging on its local space and time, twisting the shape of space time and creating time dilation effects. The spin of our Virgo supercluster has an effect on our local space that could be millions or billions of times stronger than the spin of the galaxy. This could explain the pull we feel on earth from theoretical gravity.
frame dragging of space time by galaxies

 Charge separation is the separation of matter of the SAME MASS by OPPOSITE CHARGE = MATTER and ANTIMATTER.  Spinning galaxies are the cause of antimatter, shows recent findings. Conversely, shouldn't opposite charged spinning  antimatter be the cause and reason for why normal galactic matter exists? There is no fundamental difference between SPIN, ROTATION, or ORBIT.  The Universe is electromagnetic, and should not be INTERPRETED by gravitational theories.  Einstein's special relativity equations are Maxwell's equations for electromagnetism, and the truth should be interpreted that electromagnetic forces rule the Universe.   Mass is motion analogous to moving charges that are electric currents that form an electric field or tidal pseudo-gravity force.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Quantum Space Planck Scale Graininess Not Detected by Integral Satellite of ESA in GRB 041219A Refuting Quantum Gravity, Big-bang String Theories, and FERMILAB's Hologram Hunt

Neutron hologram

The Planck scale to exist in cosmology must be 10^-48 meters or smaller. Hogan at FERMILAB cannot probe with the holometer to this small of a scale. They only search at the planck scale for immergent holographic phenomena, which cannot exist there, according to the telescopic evidence.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our Universe Was Spinning on a Rotation Axis in a Larger Space Relative with Other Universes when the Big-Bang happened, says Michael Longo

spinning rotation axis of the fractal holographic universe
Michael Longo says : ""The simple answer is that the universe was spinning relative to other Universes in some larger space when the Big-Bang happened. The results suggest that THE UNIVERSE IS STILL SPINNING. We could never see outside of our Universe in principle, but if we could show that the present universe still retains the initial angular momentum within its galaxies, it would be evidence that our universe exists within some larger space.  A very slim chance the over abundance of spinning galaxies in different hemispheres is caused by something else.  Colliding galaxies would not cause a change in overall angular momentum.  The universe has a large net angular momentum if galaxies tend to spin in a certain direction.  Since angular momentum is conserved, it seems the universe must have been born spinning, with the creation of a rotation axis that influences galaxy rotations. This constitutes strong evidenced for a violation of the Cosmological Principle, as well as a parity violation on cosmic scales.  Other researchers, including Iye and Sagai, have independently confirmed a spin asymmetry dipole. Our galaxy has its spin vector generally aligned with the preferred axis of spiral galaxies.  The axis is 21.5 degrees away from the north pole of our galaxy.  For separations less then ~20 Mpc the correlations decrease significantly, showing it is truly a long-range phenomenon. The decrease at small separations is due to the fact that the spins of nearby spirals are likely to be opposite because near collisions of spiral galaxies tend to spin in opposite directions due to angular momentum conservation. Nearby spiral galaxies are more likely to have spins antiparallel then more distant pairs.  The statistical evidence for a spin asymmetry is very strong.  A real large-scale spiral asymmetry would exhibit itself as a dipole with a cos alpha dependence where alpha is the space-angle between the position of the galaxy and the axis of the dipole.  15,158 galaxies were studied using the SDSS in the paper by Longo. THE AXIS OF THIS ALIGNMENT POINTS DIRECTLY TOWARDS THE MYSTERIOUS COLD SPOT IN THE CMB IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE . Dark Flow 
Fictional dark energy accelerates galaxies for the Big-bang. This Universe is not symmetric like a basketball. The known universe of the big-bang theory is spinning, relative to the real Universe. Big-bang cosmology rejects the idea that the Universe spins. Plasma cosmology and electromagnetic forces shape and rule the real Universe. The real Universe is too complex and vast for anyone to phantom a description.  Read more about this story

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