Thursday, July 28, 2011

The End of Time and Macroscopic General Relativity Approximations Requiring Dark Matter

Smolyaninov in "Hyperbolic Metamaterial Interfaces: Hawking Radiation from Rindler Horizons and the End of Time" states  "Modern developments in gravitation research strongly indicate that classic general relativity is a macroscopic field theory which needs to be replaced with a more fundamental theory based on yet unknown microscopic degrees of freedom by the emerging spacetime analogue program. Smolyaninov states "there is a region of optical space near x=0 that does look like an electromagnetic black hole having effective surface gravity at the horizon. Surface Plasmons always emit colored light rays says Kawata, usually only visible within a few namometers of the metal's surface. If the light bounces off a ridged surface, it can PROJECT A PLASMONIC HOLOGRAM far enough away to be seen by the naked eye (Holographic Galaxy ).  Metamaterials can manipulate electromagnetic outer space, to create the EM equivalents of all the phony macroscopic objects of relativity, including wormholes, black holes, spinning cosmic strings,the Big Crunch  and metric big-bang itself.  Actually the real EM forces should not even be called the analogues, but are Maxwell's equations of electromagnetism that Einstein used to develop relativity. Photon-electrons waves called plasmons excited by a galactic supermassive black hole laser beam coursed through the metamaterial effectively ends time. Higher harmonic generation must be interpreted as particle creation at the moment of metric signature change.  The EM field simply diverges when time ends. Higher harmonic generation ends the world, as photons undergo a higher harmonic generation or a sudden rise in frequency and energy, which means the end of time.  Smolyaninov says "the end of time looks very hot."  If a dimension is perpendicular to a space dimension, it simply hits a dead end, and time runs out. 

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