Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kapitza Superfluid Jet Powered Spider Galaxy Cosmology Model

My Galaxy Model (Originally the best one out today)
Actual Spider Galaxies are the perfect testable observational model.
The Kapitza Spider

 Helium II thermal counterflow jet chamber

Segner's wheel uses only normal fluid components, but does pretty well at producing the Kapitza spider effects.
Segner wheel with water steam jets instead of a plasma galaxy with superfluid jets
Superfluid counterflow behavior in low viscosity milk, evident in a galaxy jet.

Jet Powered Spinning Warming Superfluid Helium A.K.A. "Black Hole" With Spiral Arm Filaments :

(1)  Galaxy jets have already been proven to be electromagnetic or MHD driven without gravity.

(2)  There are no picky eating black holes. Proven cold inflows to galaxy centers with hot gas outflows.

(3) Superfluid helium and theoretical postulated mathematically unstable inferred black holes, both have nearly the same proven temperature near absolute zero. Which idea is more believable?

 Spin rates of galaxy centers are quantized in discrete increments, causing all stars in almost every galaxy to have a constant orbital velocity around the center. This is the dark matter galaxy rotation speed paradigm requiring different percentages of dark matter for all galaxies. Superfluid galaxy centers all have quantized spin velocity, with spiral arm filaments having two components: (1) The normal matter component like gas and dust. (2) The counterflow or reverse direction superflow component in a countervortice state, connecting all stars to the galaxy center, and making each star orbit at the same speed or constant velocity. Faster spinning galaxies have faster star formation rates.

Quantized spin velocity of superfluids explains the galaxy rotation curve
Magnetized plasma ring rotation

Superfluid earth labs have discovered everything real that a phony black hole is supposed to be doing:  

(1) Superfluids absorb, trap, capture, or slow light speed way down in what is called a "Bose Einstein Condensate" which is a misnomer term used exclusively in relativity, instead of applying observable Beltramic field structures for a superfluid cosmology. 

(2)  Superfluids form an insulating double layered "concealing accretion disk" where originate bipolar jets that carry electric currents and form Birkeland currents that shape the spinning galaxy. 

(3) Superfluid helium forms spiral arm Kapitza filaments where stars form inside. 

(4) Spinning superfluids carry the angular momentum in quantized vortices that carry electric currents that produce associated cosmic scale magnetic fields and vice versa. 


Only those who believe in the  hearsay dogma of black holes, dark matter, dark energy, and the big-bang gravity singularity creation theory, who suggest themselves that their black holes may have already existed before the big-bang.

Spinning superfluid helium collectively shapes a pancake shaped galaxy

Magnetic levitation with superconductor disk
Birkeland current
Stars forming like beads on strings without gravity in a filament knot inside an evaporating gaseous globule

Superfluid helium counterflow animation shows a friction free zero viscosity superflow in the opposite direction of normal gaseous dusty matter. The two fluid model with MHD countervortices explains observations of superfluid vortices surrounding supernovas, and all vortex structures in galaxies.
Superfluid helium forming ring shaped knots

 Abel supernova with superfluid counterflow countetvortex ring that expands to form new stars
Computer program shows stars forming inside filaments like beads on strings. Only 5,000 hydrogen atoms per cubic centimeter is supposedly sufficient for gravity theory who the authors collaborate with.

Spidery cosmic web of Kapitza filaments
Quantized spin like appearing behavior in a magnetoflipper I wish I could buy

Orthovortex countervortices in MHD have all four vector fields perfectly aligned.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Volcanism and Observable Beltrami Fields, Flows and Structures

1) Volcanic Ejections From Eruptions

Volcanic ejecta has spinning braided knotty rotational patterns that reveal the forces involved that shape the overall volcanic structure. Volcanic ejections follow a helical trajectory path in space. Magnetic fields shape the ejecta patterns, by a spin torsion axial connection to the ring shaped main vent, and to the large sized magma chamber containing spherical magnetized spinning magmatic fluids and plasmas. The electric field axial vector connection to the center of the magma chamber, along with strong gas pressures, provides the vertical upward thrust for an eruption. 

ECE animation of the Beltrami structure for the helical ejecta pattern from erupting volcanoes. Even theoretical gravity is explained away in the animation that was produced by the ECE data.

Volcanoes can form a spherical shaped caldera on the surface after erupting by fragmentation and collapse of the overhead rock when the pressure below is released. The size of the caldera is related to the size of the magma chamber and the amount of magma ejected from the chamber. Most of the viscous magma remains in the magma chamber after an eruption, because the spin torsional force is responsible for ejecting out the magma by counter gravity.

(2) Spherical shaped magma chamber with a cylinder pipe shaped main vent having fracture patterns structurally organized by Beltrami fields.

The experimental data in the form of volcanic eruptions are qualitatively similar to the theoretical animations by Horst Eckard at ECE of solutions of the Helmholtz / Beltramic equations. Volcanic ECE model of the Beltramic Field Structure

The well behaved spherical Bessel functions apply in three dimensions of the electron, proton and neutron. The wave function psi is a solution of the Helmholtz wave equation that comes from a Beltramic structure ultimately for space itself.

ECE animation of the Bessel function of a Beltramic field structure for the spherical shaped magma chamber of an active volcano. Magnetic field lines surround the magnetized magma rising upwards through fractures that lead into the cylinder pipe shaped main vent. The magma is ejected from the volcano by the electric field vector, having spin resonance torsion connection to the magma chamber beneath the surface. Counter gravity forces are a fundamental spin torsion connection vector.

Magnetic fields and electrical charged plasmas may form ring currents that move the magmatic fluids around through fractures leading into the main vent. This is supported by observations of molten lava forming rings that are contacting the main vent walls, and surrounding a center sphere of cooler unmelted rock. The unmelted center layer may be solid and cooler because the charges are being quickly neutralized on the surface.

(3) Plate Tectonics and Beltrami Fields

The Ring of Fire demonstrates the scalable sizes in ECE theory that Beltrami flows and volcanoes have. Molten magma is a melting phase change of the minerals of solid rock.

(4) Tornadoes and Lightning Associated With  Volcanic Eruptions

Parallel and vertical structural alignments by tornadoes interacting with flux tube forces inside the volcanic vent and magma chamber.


Steam rings by mount Etna supports a Beltrami structure to volcanism.

Ring knots around the swimming tadpole galaxy.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Quantized Spinning Internal Superfluid Structures Comprise Elementary Particles, Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe

A newly enhanced ECE unified field theory, valid at all scales, from elementary particles, stars, and galaxies, is being developed by Myron Evans and his team of ECE scientists, and with my help. DR Evans values original thinking, and is allowing me to make headline stories on his famous blog. Quantized superfluid atomic models were theorized when superfluid helium was discovered, when little was known about superfluidity. Real progress continues being achieved at ECE with huge implications everywhere in scientific fields, because what matters most, are superfluids shaping the universe as black holes, star formation, and electron centers.

Dr Myron Evans wordpress story link

The proton has a ring shaped structure, and the electron is a sphere, writes scientist Myron Evans of ECE. Electron wavefunctions are Beltrami structures with one adjustable parameter kappa of the Beltrami tetrad equation. The electron has a magnetic dipole moment known to be proportional to the intrinsic spin angular momentum of quantum mechanics. The electron does not have an electric dipole moment, and does not decay into other smaller particles. These are all interactions that refute the phony dogmatic God particle called the Higgs, that does decay.

The ring nebula is both a perfect sphere surrounded by a ring shaped vortex. Observations indicate a binary star system pair is almost perfectly face-on from our view, implying that the geometric structure is also aligned with our viewing angle from earth. This is the ECE Cartan geometry structure that scales to all sizes, much like seeing a gigantic atom.
Abel supernova with obvious superfluid vortex ring with opposite superflow spin to normal component

Aurora Borealis produced in lab by two different sized spheres both having spinning interior magnets powered by electrical bursts generated by a mini-gun. Electric current flows around the poles, and the entire geometrical structure is mathematically explainable using the ECE related Beltrami flow equations.

 Beltrami structure

Newly discovered cosmic scale examples of quantized spinning superfluids:

(1) Earth's Van Allen Ring Shaped Belts

Earth's Van Allen belts have a striped zebra pattern shaped by resonating orbital belt electron magnetic flux interactions. The inner electron belt is still being described by standard model physicists like Ukhorskiy to be like a "viscous fluid", but it has nearly zero viscosity. ECE theory mathematically describes Beltrami structures for galactic jets, spacetime, and the universe. The inner belt ring is an electron ion trap where a double layered Birkeland current connected to earth's poles is carrying electric current, stirring the electron plasma superfluid around the earth with quantized spin velocity.

(2) False Gravity Wave Detection

Dr Evans explains how Einstein's field equations do not have spin, and that no conclusions can be made about Einstein's relativity of gravity. It is a collaborative  dogmatic carbon copy of the phony Higgs nobel prize purporting gravity waves were detected supporting big-bang cosmic inflation:

Nobel Prize claimed for Gravity wave Dogma
A carbon copy of the Higgs nobel prize for dogma. The sickening pseudo scientists themselves have collaborated together all their dogmatism, and have the audicity to ask for a nobel prize.

(3) Stars and galaxies form and are shaped by torroidal counter vortices within plasma flux tubes, aligned along thin superfluid surface walls with interacting connections to double layered Birkeland currents. Quantized vortices carry real electric charges in superfluids, and moving charges are an electric current.
EGG's or evaporating gaseous globules are very cold dense ring knots of superfluid molecular hydrogen, that shields radiation from penetrating  inside where stars condense by a phase change and form.
Beltrami-Trkalian Vector Fields in Electrodynamics -hidden riches for revealing new cosmology
 & physics
Superflows have infinite thermoconductivity and dissipate heat extremely well

Magnetic galaxy whirlpools

(4) Polar Ring Galaxies and Birkeland Currents:
Polar Ring Galaxy
Magnetohydrodynamic fluid flow around a spinning projectile obstacle. Evans states that ECE equations also apply to MHD, and in all related fields of science, like electrodynamics.
Magnetic reconnection of vortices are Birkeland currents

(5) Solar System Birkeland Currents:

Saturn's Birkeland current

Magnetic Fields of Birkeland Currents by Scott

Birkeland currents of Polaritrons form braids, knots, beads, dna shapes, zebra stripes

6) Gravitational Lenses are Topological Defects in Superfluid Wormholes:

Spinning superfluid vortices having spin orbital light resonance connections to quasars, obviously explains away the gravitational lens big-bang dogma. Gravitational lensed quasars have been observed to change their shapes and light intensities in just three days, because the reflecting surface is a crystal like phase change or topological defect with quantized angular momentum in a superfluid vortex. Gravitational lenses are superfluid wormholes.

Hannes Alfven's solar circuit model with Birkeland current
Hannes Alfven's Solar Circuit Model
 New science of Atomtronics uses a cold quantum chemistry circuit to modernize Alfven's solar and galactic circuit

Superfluid motion of light

my suggestion that black holes are superfluid helium

Scientist Lindstrom with ECE recently proved again with mathematics that spinning quantized superfluids are Beltrami structures. Dr Myron Evans presents findings of the new superfluid based cosmology that replaces black holes with something rational and scientific. I am working on my synoposis, to help prove that black holes do not gravitationally exist, and are ultra cold spinning quantized superfluids.

Quantized vortices in a rotating cylinder
Point charges do not exist in ECE theory

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