Sunday, February 22, 2015

New Sphere Telescope Findings Disproves Existence of Binary Star Systems

Magnetic field variations in a single large star V471 Tauri, as explained by SPHERE scientists, refutes old theories that propose the existence of a tiny second companion star in a binary star system. Binary star systems are theoretical, and used in wrong types of supernova gravity models, to measure distances and dark energy expansion rates of galaxies.

 No smaller orbiting companion star was detected by the SPHERE team, so there is not a "second star" that they keep mumbling about that they can't find. The best new SPHERE telescope has proven that an irrefutably accepted binary star system in the big-bang stellar classification system is wrong. All standard theories about binary star systems being common in the universe are wrong. Dark energy expansion rates measured by binary supernovas are altogether phony, being likely there is only one large star exploding.
When will they stop calling it an "unusual binary star system" and come out to say it is a single star? Why can't they say they were wrong predicting it?

The new SPHERE telescope proves an electric and magnetic universe exists, with dogmatic scientists always shocked and puzzled over their failures to detect what they propose.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Electric Solar System Model by University of Maryland Refutes Black Holes and Proves the Electromagnetic Cosmic Ray Driven Dynamo Cosmology

Sun's Heliospheric Jets are self-similar to the Crab Nebula Supernova and galactic centers

Galactic black holes are explained away because electrical Birkeland currents shape and power the jets, and not gravity. So called medium sized black holes have been proven to not exist, being enormous powerful pulsars.

Plasma size scaling laws discovered by Hannes Alfven are the same mechanism driving the sun's heliosphere jets and the crab nebula.

I sometimes love and laugh over how in cosmology, there are so many new "accidental discoveries" that shock the scientists into telling everybody the scientific truth, that has been discussed in forums by the Electric Universe website founders 10 years ago, and over 8 years of blogging myself. Most plasma physicists who study cosmology disbelieve in the big bang, like famous nobel prize winning physicist Hanes Alfven who first predicted magnetic fields in outer space shaping the universe. Alfven's cosmology is proven true.
South pole coronal hole on the sun
Earth's Birkeland currents
Birkeland currents at the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

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