Sunday, October 19, 2014

Milky Way Sagittarius A Black Hole Substructure Shows Jets and only Outflowing Matter with Nothing Consumed

Theoretical unseen Black Holes are proven to only eject matter and produce jets without gravity. Undetectable inferred black holes emit no radiation, because they don't exist. Teams so far have never found any evidence that black holes consume matter.

Is matter falling into black holes or being ejected from it? Astronomers do not know, because the observations defy the theory of black holes consuming everything by gravity. Gravity is a human conceptual theory and a pseodo-force that can only attract matter together, and not repel. This has led to erroneous theories of black holes forming when too much matter is rapidly compressed together. Scientists don't know if they are observing white holes or black holes, in this dogma of confusion.

The paper:

Magnetic Fields form Stellar Jets and not Gravity:

Supernova Helium Model Defies Gravity Cosmology by a Hydrogen Mass Transfer to a Smaller Rapidly Changing Binary Companion Star Type

Gravity star theory models are disproven by the Kavli Foundation by showing that the transfer of ALL hydrogen gas to the lesser mass binary companion star, leaves behind a low mass helium star that supernovas. Logically, this is done by a phase change of what became pure helium gas into a cold He3 and He4 superfluid core, that was not possible when the star contained all it's hydrogen. Superfluid helium is already proven to mathematically analog black holes in physics laboratories.

A four solar mass superfluid helium star supernovas, after the formerly more massive star unexplainably transfers over a long period of time, most of it's mass in the form of hydrogen to the smaller binary companion star. This is astrochemistry and phase changes of matter, and not gravity. The findings provide strong evidence for a superfluid helium supernova, which is not another hydrogen model for gravity theories that say more massive stars burn hydrogen quickly and then explode when they run out of it.

Here is the complete and original news story by the Kavli Foundation:

 The Abel supernova is seen producing a stream of stars that are forming inside an evaporating gaseous globule filament on the outer bubble surface of the supernova remnant. The animation below shows an evaporating gaseous globule filament streaming protostellar cores in a Birkeland current filament. The phase change into a star occurs under strong electric and magnetic fields, near 10 degrees kelvin. This indicates a star is formed when a hydrogen superfluid core forms.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturn's Moon Hyperion Discovered Hitting Cassini with an Electron Particle Beam

The Cassini spacecraft had a slight positive charge and became magnetically grounded to the moon even at a distance over 1,200 miles. The magnetic field aligned electron particle beam from Hyperion's surface briefly struck the Cassini spacecraft with a 200 volt shock, equivalent to the negative surface charge on the moon's surface. The dark side of earth's moon has a surface charge of negative 20 volts, that increases in the magnetosphere up to negative 200 volts.

A laboratory electron particle beam being deflected by a magnetic field from a magnet.
 Bending electron beams with magnets

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