Monday, January 2, 2012

Living Galaxy Cell Theory

Living mitochondria cells mimic galaxies of the cosmic web filaments

Plasma membranes analog relativity

Sliding of actin over myosin thick filaments - BioCosmological galaxy animation
A living galaxy cell surrounded by life in the intergalactic medium

The Cytoskeleton underlies the plasma membrane throughout the inside of the Cell.  All Cells have a Cytoskeleton protein mosaic just beneath the plasma membrane of the Cell that determines the SHAPE of the ENTIRE CELL. Stars fill the interstellar medium ISM with complex organics (the inside or cytoplasm of a galaxy) which interacts with carbon nanotubes, forming the protein mosaic membrane skeleton surrounding inside the plasma membrane of a galaxy.

The Cytoskeleton is shaped like a Galaxy at different views :

plasma red blood cell hologram analogy of a living cell galaxy 

Stars are factories that produce and eject huge amounts of detectable complex organic molecules into the interstellar medium everywhere inside the Galaxy.  Amino acids self-assemble into proteins and DNA inside carbon nanotubes in outer space conditions showed Johnson. Organic nanotubes self-assemble into functional cellular MACROSCOPIC Membranes.  3D and 4D life might exist in outer space at quantum and cosmic scales still unknown and undetected. Cells of 4D objects are bounding 3D volumes. Plasma blobs form a two layer plasma membrane with an inner nucleus of gas atoms. COMPLEX SELF-ORGANIZING PLASMA structures exhibit all necessary properties to qualify as living inorganic matter. Complex Plasmas easily form naturally in outer space conditions into helical organic structuresCOMPLEX PLASMA MIMICS THE FUNCTIONS OF A LIVING CELL. A Galaxy is 99.9% plasma. NASA Space Center scientist Dennis Gallagher states that 99.9% of the UNIVERSE is Plasma. Complex plasmas behave like a liquid in very small amounts, just a few thousand of micron sized particles, that fractally scales to nanometer water size.

STAR CLUSTERS ARE ORGANIZED BY ISM ORGANICS having polarity driven electromagnetic interactions with incredibly dynamic common single atom thick carbon nanotubes, buckyballs, graphenes. Coupling of the Nanoscale to the Macroscopic world is done by carbon nanotubes, having one macroscopic and two nanoscopic dimensions. Dynamically transforming PROTEINS like actin assembles from only 10 amino acids supplied by common stellar ejections into the ISM, which would self-assemble ACTIN under interstellar space conditions. Actin (Microtubules) are 7 nm in diameter, and naturally forms DOUBLE HELIX structures. the Cytosleleton protein mosaic is mostly actin, that shapes entire cells, galaxies, and the entire cellular cosmic web.

Individual Molecules of Actin filaments time slowed show clusters

Actin filamentary motility best explain Star Clusters
Actin Filament Motility 
Star Cluster NGC 3603 is only 20,000 light years away. Detectable 10 year changes in star locations defy gravity theories, showing all stars move nearly the same speed.

 ACTINS STABLE SPACE CABLE - Actin Microfilaments are 7 nanometers in diameter, and amazingly are the same diameter required for MACROSCOPIC SCALE friction free high speed fluid movements inside carbon nanotubes that power multiple cellular processes, such as motility and polarity. Individual actin filaments are briefly built and broken randomly, but collectively they line up side by side and form breakage-resistant cables shows Michelot. Proteins dynamically transform their structures into constituently similar amino acids. 10 major amino acids comprise actin which is 50% of the dry MASS of the cell. Actin is nearly the same in all species, and is the thinnest, most common, strongest, stablest, most tensile flexible filament in all known life forms. Microfilaments mostly actin are EVERYWHERE IN THE CELL as solid rods made of globular proteins of actin intertwined in a fractal HELIX F-actin by the dimensionality of carbon nanotubes. Abundant complex organic molecules in the interstellar medium ISM would comprise a space metamaterial fabric, composed of a transparent cytoplasmic gel connecting entirely the inside of a galaxy, except the nucleus. These same living processes that occur inside cells by the dimensionality of carbon, manifest and organize macroscopic cosmological phenomena, such as by fractal scaling magnetic reconnection.

Carbon nanotubes enter the cell nucleus of cells naturally and without harmful effects. The cell nucleus undergoes division and polarity arises when electricity flows through carbon nanotubes. This would cause the nucleus to spin like a black hole of a living galaxy cell

Scientist creates life-like cells out of metal that have metallic magnetized bubbles like our galaxy with cell membranes and organelles.


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  2. This makes sense.
    The article on plants using the quantum state: When laser light is shone on just one isolated ring, some of it is re-released in the form of what is called fluorescence.

    But what the team saw is that over time, that amount of fluorescence rose and fell - a sign that the energy was coming and going elsewhere: a coherence.

    This is linked to the quantum mechanical notion of a "superposition": that a particle can effectively be in multiple places at once - or try multiple paths simultaneously.

    "What you see here is this photon comes in, and it sees many energy pathways," explained Prof van Hulst.

    "Where does it go? It goes to the one that's most efficient, the one where this quantum effect tells you it has the highest probability (of being put to use)," he told BBC News.

    ......I feel is particularly applicable here. The idea that hot gas goes in and warm gas --gas having lost its energy---goes out.

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