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Comfortable Wearable Supersuits Built of Thin Flexible Tough Weaved Fabrics

A thin, casual and always comfortable to wear supersuit fabric, to protect against all kinds of dangerous environmental hazards, can be affordably made in your home. The fabric can have artificial muscles made of graphene yarns that can lift about 85 times more weight than the real muscles. Graphene buckyballs comprising parts of the fabric are made of the hardest known substance. Repairs are done by self-healing graphite oxide polomer hydrogels...Learn how to make a graphene based supersuit at home, long before they can become mass produced and widely available. 

Make Graphene Buckyballs that are Impact Resistant and Puncture Proof

Graphene is the most puncture resistant material, that can be rolled into buckyballs.

Buckyballs made with Olive oil and a blender
Buckyballs made by electric arc-discharge

 3D buckyballs are impact resistant and puncture proof. Buckyballs are expensive, about $25/gram to buy, and the most important material for a supersuit. Laser vaporized carbon mixed together with water forms larger sized fullerenes and buckyballs.

Buckyballs grow into larger sizes by contacting vaporized carbon

Make Self-Healing Fabric Repairs by Liquid Crystalline Polomer Hydrogels of Graphite Oxide in a Water Solution in the Fabric

Tough stretchable graphene oxide based hydrogels

Giant 40 micron wide graphene oxide flakes forms a gel-like liquid crystal in water solution. Higher concentrations forms a semi-solid gel.
Fluid phases comprising graphite oxide and graphene flakes, have important electronic properties, and are relatively unexplored areas in science
Spontaneous ordering of graphite oxide into a liquid crystal. It is a simple matter to heat the concentrated gel and extrude it into something with enhanced properties by mix-ins.

Make 3D Graphene Cork that is Superelastic and Outstandingly Impact Resistant with Incredible Strength

Make Nitrogen Doped Graphene Sheets by Heating Glucose and Urea, that Roll up into Nanoscrolls with Maghemite Nanoparticles

Make Graphite Oxide Knots

Graphene oxide fibers can be weaved and tied into many kinds of knots, to increase their toughness and strength. A knot provides a layer of thickness for genuine puncture proof protection. The entire shirt, pants, and socks, needs to be weaved into tiny breathable knots. Graphite oxide has been used to coat cotton fabrics, making them very strong and flexible.
 Graphite Oxide 100% knot efficiency
Graphite oxide knots

Spin 3D Graphene Artificial Yarn Muscles on a Supersuit Fabric for Clothes

Have super human strength wearing graphene yarns that lift 85 times more weight than ordinary muscles

Artificial muscles made of nanotube yarn 

 Graphene yarn weaved on cotton fabric
 Four meter in length graphene oxide or GO fiber wound on a teflon drum.

Graphite oxide filaments for yarn

BSA protein or bovine serum albumin serves as a glue for adsorption of graphene oxide onto any textile.

Getting Started - Step 1:  Make your own Graphite Oxide, Graphene Flakes, Graphene, Buckyballs, and Graphene Quantum Dots to Build a Supersuit !

 The simplest and safest way to make graphene flakes is to mix liquid soap detergent, graphite powder, and water, in a blender.

Scientists spin up Graphene Flakes in a Kitchen Blender

 Evaporating the liquid will recover the graphene

Single layer graphite oxide can be made safely at home by heating table sugar and cheap chemicals in the oven to 165 degrees F.  The video shows a GO layer attaching to a glass rod as the substrate, but a safety shirt can ideally be the substrate to heat or dip to make knots. Graphene sheets can be rolled up into knots or buckyballs, preferably after being already attached to the safety clothes, such as a tuff n lite cut proof safety shirt.

Graphite oxide crystals grown to large sizes

Simple method with a high yield of graphite oxide, but with undesirable acetone chemical

Graphite particles 100 to 5 microns in size placed in four parts acetone to one part water, and stirred for only one hour with a $1,400 device, makes a beaker of graphite oxide that is purified by evaporation. Acetone is fingernail paint remover, so work outdoors and keep away sparks.

Make Graphene Quantum Dots of Different Sizes from Coal

 Graphene quantum dots are in high grade inexpensive coal.

How to Convert Graphite Oxide into a Graphene Disk using DVD Lasers

Making graphene with a dvd burner

Print your own supercaps (with video)

 Tuff n Lite safety clothes are thin, comfortable, stronger than steel, slash resistant, abrasion resistant, but not puncture proof. They would make an outstanding substrate for a wearable super 3D fabric.
 Use Tuff n Lite patches and be creative, such as attaching graphene flakes.
The Lite and Cool t-shirt by Tuff n Lite has a fabric so flexible that you can roll it up by hand into a knot. Many tiny knots, instead of a thin layer, would make an ideal puncture and bullet proof shirt fabric.

Graphene Gels with Water

Graphene gels keep the graphene sheets moist to prevent them from restacking into graphite

Laser Induced Graphene LIG makes ultra tiny supercapacitors or batteries, that store magnetic energy inside the enormously large surface area created by the laser etched regions. Many tiny interconnected supercapacitors on the graphene yarn threads, store energy and power the supersuit fabric by lasers, optical liquid graphene crystals, and light.

LIG Supercapacitor circuit

Graphene sheets on a common cheap special plastic, and an affordable business based laser, will make graphene supercapacitors.
Affordable business lasers

Pulsed laser source used for hair removal could be used on a graphene surface, to produce special electromagnetic effects.

Ultrathin 3D Graphene foam composites for shock absorption and impact resistance

Nickel graphene foam

Hexagonal Graphene

Graphene sheets

Boron Nitride Enhances Graphene

Newly discovered "Bilayer water ice" forms a superconductor hexagonal lattice between a double layer of graphite oxide that is separated about 0.90 microns apart. Electricity without friction nor heat traveling through the suit, producing associated magnetic fields that power the shirt or supersuit.
Bilayer Ice forms by attaching to the walls of hexagonal graphite oxide 0.9 micron thick double layers, that circulate water in porous regions.

Boron Nitrite has a hexagonal shaped lattice that mimics graphene's electromagnetic properties and sizes
NASA has weaved a 3-D fabric using 25-ply CNT yarns that is extremely tough, but it's not a wearable comfortable fabric.
Macroscopic Graphene Webbing Supersuit

Make 3D crumpled paper like Carbon Nanosheets CNS out of hemp bust or wood pulp extract, that are comprised of nanocellulose crystals, that are the next hardest material to graphene

Wood Pulp Nanocellulose Crystals

Wood Pulp Extract Stronger than Kevlar but not Graphene


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