Friday, November 16, 2012

Magnetic Fields and Plasma Jets Shaped by Birkeland Currents Explain Gravitational Black Holes

Magnetic field lines from phony black holes produce plasma jets we observe on earth. A spinning center region produces jets along its spin axis.  
Magnetic fields alter alignment of acccretion disk and plasma jets (that carry electric current) Feature story
A "magneto-spin alignment mechanism" causes magnetized disks and jets to align with the spin near the center, and farther away to reorient with the outer disk. 
Stanford University team McKinney, Tchekhovskoy, and Blandford showed in these computer simulations that magnetic field lines form spirals aligned with the axis of rotation of a phony black hole. Birkeland currents are responsible in outer space.  If the magnetic field becomes strong enough, the accretion disk can align with the black hole's rotation axis. They propose "material pulled into the center region causes a stronger buildup of magnetic fields that ultimately controls the spin of the accretion disk, and the direction of the jets." 
Astrophysicists focus on magnetism to explain black holes
Videos of the "Magneto-spin alignment mechanism" by the Stanford University team McKinney, Tchekhovskoy, and Blandford :

Birkeland currents twisting into filamentary plasma knots shapes galaxies

Birkeland currents twist gas and (orange colored dust) together into vast thin magnetically confined (orange colored filaments). Stars form like beads on strings inside these filaments. Clear evidence of magnetic fields forming stars. 

 star formation

Plasma behaves like a superfluid


  1. This is interesting because this jetting is believed to produce mass that slows to become mass. But as most of our galaxies are now producing 'hot blues' that are disordered meaning not sufficiently compressed to clarity and our own MW now has a ring of 'hot blues' inside the ring of 'red stars' and closest to the galactic nucleus, I surmise that our nucleus is not going to be producing any more stars. To do so it would have to drink from the fountain of youth. If the approaching gas cloud (2012) does produce jetting, it will be a lax blur because insufficient pressure (magnetic field) exists to create a sharply defined jet.

    Where O where have our magnetic fields gone, Oh where Oh where can they be?

  2. The scientists do say in the article this jetting is believed to produce mass that slows to become mass! I pretty much believe in a plasma universe involving superliquid states that superconduct electricity,that is eternal without beginning nor end. We just need the day to arrive when stronger telescopes will see farther distant superclusters in their entirety, and change today's cosmology. Polarity Jets are nowadays considered by many reputable scientists to be largely electromagnetic driven phenomena. Friction free superconduction of electricity where the "black hole" jets expel charged particles at the poles, in a sense both creates and destroys matter. Nature's natural lab surpasses earth's labs trying to mimic self-similar plasma phenomena shaping outer space without gravity.

  3. Is the universe eternal? I´d say yes and no. Time is fractal. Past and future states of the universe are selfsimilar replicas of present universe and, in that sense of steady state, there´s no unlimited time neither backwards nor forward. Not even history in the usual sense, just time scales self similar each other; for instance, galaxies are "mere slowed down and zoomed elemental particles", etc . But since time (and space) has no frontiers, no minimum time, no maximum time, we could equally claim the universe is eternal. Just sayin´ : )

  4. What is eternal without change? Relativistic collective particle swarms by supernovas shape galaxies, and the enormous size of a galaxy allows up to see it appearing slowed down. When seeing a bird flying in a huge flock, they both appear to be self-similar. Everything changes from the quantum to the macroscale, and everything is interconnected in at least some kind of way, and then again many things are separate in reality. Is the universe eternal, and in a steady state of change? Could big-bangs undergo a deep chill and new birth of the universe, or would it be the same?


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Type II SUPERCONDUCTORS constrain the magnetic field in FILAMENTS surrounded by vortex currents.
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