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Galaxies are all Produced by the Same EM Phenomena which is Dependent upon the Observer Viewing Different Holographic AGN Directions Alignments of intersecting FILAMENTS and Light Vortices with Accretion Disk of Gas and Dust

deformed spiral galaxy NGC 4980

NASA says "Seyferts, Quasars, and Blazars are really all the same thing viewed from different directions.".  ESA says "Quasars, Radio Galaxies, and Black Holes AGN are different views of more or less the same phenomena by an evolving unified model".  The HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE is being probed by Fermilab by an Holographic Interferometer or Holometer to see if the universe is a holographic projection. Hogan has said: "our third dimensional perception would be a projection of time intertwined with depth.. you can't perceive it because nothing travels faster than light... One foundation of special relativity is violated, namely lengths and time are not absolute quantities but contract or expand in such a way that the speed of light c always has the same numerical value, regardless of the speed of an observer... The holographic view is how the universe looks when sitting on a photon... We could be living inside that 3D projection with the truer vision of it as a 2D sheet or plane of information hidden by scale." The smallest possible interval of time, for Hogan's noise, is the planck length 10^-35 meters divided by the speed of light. Planck sized particles are supposed to collapse to a black hole. The planck length is too small to detect, but the holographic projection of the minuscule graininess of the space-time fabric could be much larger, perhaps detectable around 10^-16 meters. Hogan says if you're inside a hologram you can tell by measuring the holographic blurring of space-time.  Inside the boundary or size of the universe itself, are where larger then planck length sized holograms would cross-correlate information to form the hierarchy of atoms, stars, galaxies, even superclusters.  My HOLOGRAPHIC GALAXY AGN Unified Model unites the fractal hierarchy in the universe by cosmologist Robert Oldershaw : Atoms, Stars, and Galaxies, having discrete self-similar fractal holographic analogues projected as holographic cosmological structures. Oldershaw states that our view of the milky way galaxy is a view of the inside or interior of an analogue to a sub-atomic nucleus. The largest known black hole MS 0735.6 + 7421 could project planck length grainy blurry holograms not powered by inefficient AGN accretion and consumption of matter, but entirely by higher energy fractal holographic supermassive black holes rotating and spinning that powers the jets. WHIM filaments recently rediscovered extend millions of light years across from a single huge black hole jet seen barely discerned to connect together many galaxy clusters aligned along the flat Supercluster Sculpture wall of Galaxies. Many different Dark Galaxies like VirgoHI 21 might become visible along the observers aligned orientation viewing direction, much like turning a holographic card in your hand changes the laser striking angle to produce many different images. PROJECTION EFFECTS play an important role in the interpretation of AGN sources. Cosmologists need to correctly realize that every AGN is simultaneously many different cosmological objects; blazars, quasars, seyferts, spiral, radio, active...all galaxies. This means the age of the universe as determined by the big-bang, along with its irrational conclusions, are incorrect without understanding the importance and applying plasma physics in outer space of large-scale plasma coronal clouds. Dense Plasma Focus labs produce jets with associated x-rays and gamma rays without theoretical inferred to exist black holes. The m87 galaxy cosmic searchlight SMBH Jet photo shows a blue laser jet of synchrotron radiation, revealing how a projection mechanism HST-1 Gas Knot could focus laser inscribed holographic images at vast distances, likely upon dust and gas clouds that form galaxy clusters. Hologram atoms imaged by their own electrons looks like a self-similar analogue to a radio galaxy. Any object can be used to project a larger 3-D hologram of itself. Many quasars presumed to be most distant are mere solar system sized galaxies, but determined to be 100 times brighter then normal galaxies, because of presumed dark energy expansion, the redshift interpretation based on Hubble's Law, and gravitational lensing of quasars.  Reverse Quasar-Galaxy gravitational lensing techniques provides a new method for a foreground quasar to gravitational lens an older background galaxy.  Quasars ripped apart hydrogen atoms into plasma particles in the early universe depleting hydrogen "everywhere" along this viewing direction.  Binary Quasars are clearly two separate interacting galaxies that both contain quasars. Arp only 30 years ago introduced the theory that Quasars are ejected from galaxies , and are not ancient galaxies being gravitational lensed at farther distances if the redshifts also have an intrinsic component that prevents obtaining an accurate measurement of dark energy. Dark matter supplies huge amounts of missing gravity to maintain galaxy shapes and rotation curves to explain why faster outer orbiting stars have a constant velocity. Intergalactic dark matter halos of tidal streaming galaxies are undetectable yet have observable gravitational effects, if most galaxies are only visible by line of sight oriented alignments each having a different intrinsic redshift component. According to the most accepted unified model, Radio galaxies have a concealed AGN by a dusty gas torus. Quasars have a tilted torus cone at a maximum 45 degree angle that most clearly views the AGN without obscuring dust. Blazars are viewed near the axis of the radio source AGN.  Quasars are seen in all directions everywhere in the sky, and were forming faster and more prevalent in the early big-bang universe.  Blazers are 10 times more rare to find then quasars, because of direction beaming. Microquasars behave like they have a scaled-down version of a Quasar AGN black hole core. Microquasars form by a supernova explosion, having relativistic jets and ~ 100 stellar mass black hole.

Evolving Unified Models wiki-agn  wiki-blazar  mssl-agn answers-agn 
AGN SMBH Cores  ---45 135 225 315 degree torus cone angles of all sky clearest view of the agn for QUASARS. Radio Quasars, Microquasars (ejected)
BLAZAR Galaxy ------------------180`-------------------RADIO GALAXY
SEYFERTS-------------------------180`-----------------------------------------Spiral Galaxy NGC 7742 Seyfert2

Holographic & FILAMENT cosmology VIDEOS :
Holographic Noise.avi (Hogan & Fermilab )
Dark Sun Fractal Galaxy
HOLOGRAPHIC Star Wars computer TV
 3D rotating blending light density cubes (Galaxies)
 Programmable Matter
 Magnetic Reconnection forms Stars, Supernova, Winds, Jets

Holographic Dark Energy : Chaplygin Holographic Gas Dark Matter
Holographic Principle Zero Cosmological constant
statefinder non-flat universe holographic dark energy

Holographic Cosmology : Harvard holographic cosmologies
Fractal Holography cosmologies Mureika 2007
Holographic Entanglement Entropy of the BTZ Black Hole
Holographic Information
Universe as a Fractal Hologram

Warm Hot Intergalactic Medium :  "The Big-bang Gravity model teachers are still believers in many kinds of phony dark matter, and error believing nothing can form larger cosmic structures then superclusters. Scientific advancement requires a new cosmology with new physics that scientists are searching for.  The incredible X-ray telescopic findings of the WHIM, should be supplying todays cosmologists with theories to replace the Big-bang! Plasma medium denser filaments should replace phony dark matter particles as halos surrounding galaxy clusters for gravitational lensing background quasars. The false teaching that gravity forms galaxy clusters is essentially disproved by papers from top WHIM scientists. The fact that hot ~ 4 million degree filaments connect together galaxies along the cosmic web of purported dark matter without finding any DM, only inventing dark matter is concealment of truth by top institutions for fear of  criticism by larger numbers of mainstream big-bang scientists.  Plasma Clouds are the largest, most massive known structures, spanning vast distances in the universe having sizes ranging from: Hot IGM, IGM, WHIM, Galactic Corona, ISM, Stars. When will this be recognized as fundamental to the new physics and new cosmology for further study? 
 sculptor supercluster
 X-Raying Intergalactic O absorbers
WHIM Filament Knots are where Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters form  - Galaxy Clusters are NOT formed by GRAVITY !  Read it Yourself .
Growth of a galaxy causes gas to move from the diffuse photoionized IGM to form stars!  This is Star formation not caused by gravity !  "most Lya absorption arise from highly ionized gas tracing filamentary large-scale structure. Growth of structure causes gas to move from the diffuse photoionized IGM into other cosmic phases, namely stars, cold and hot gas within galaxy haloes, and the WHIM".
WHIM Galaxy Halos Gravitational Lens background WHIM Knots - Emission filaments are higher density part of the WHIM residing at the outskirt of clusters.  WHIM Halos surround galaxy Groups.  A galaxy Cluster can strongly gravitational lens the soft X-rays from background WHIM Knots.  Dark matter gravity halos surrounding galaxies are fictional explanations, unlike the real existence of the WHIM, for explaining gravitational lensing of background quasars.
invisible galaxy clusters found by WHIM in poor environments
Fang 2010 Blazar aligns with the sculpture wall
Dense Filaments connect Galaxy Clusters - the Cosmic web is not phony dark matter gravity, but overdense filaments that connect together collapsed regions such as galaxy groups and galaxy clusters.  This should be stated as an obvious flaw with the big-bang theory.
Holoscience Electric Galaxy
Gas often accretes onto galaxies via filaments shown by simulations from Benjamin Oppenheimer of Arizona Education. - Galaxy formation depends more on how galaxies lose gas via outflows as opposed to the star formation law for how gas is turned into stars.."but I believe most astronomers still find this heretical" states Oppenheimer.
IGM metals increase with increasing redshifts - The believed cosmic expansion determined by galactic hydrogen redshifts, supernovas, and dark energy does not take into account the increasing amounts of heavy metals in the IGM at higher redshifts as Galaxies lose metals ! At z=0, about 40% of the baryons are in the WHIM, but most metals about 80-90% are locked in stars.  At higher redshifts metals are higher in the IGM due to more loss of metals from galaxies.  Scientists state that "IGM metals reside in the WHIM throughout cosmic history", which obviously implies that IGM metals didn't have to form after the big-bang from an all hydrogen re-ionization epoch of creation, believed to begin when the first stars began fusing hydrogen into helium spewing heavier elements from supernovas. Metals enhance cooling which allows WHIM gas to cool on to galaxies and increases star formation. The big-bang was extremely hot, but chemical processes by IGM and WHIM metals cooling can better explain cosmology and structural formations, without the arrogant belief that the big-bang was the entire universe, requiring even dating back to a beginning about 14.6 billion years ago from only one densely hot singular explosion. Entire superclusters and even larger yet to be discovered structures exist by common sense reasoning, and they will be surrounded by even larger hotter mediums then the IGM. Discard the big-bang !
IGM is mostly dark empty space that comprises over 90% of normal matter in the universe - 90% of the matter is not even in galaxies but in the vast dark space pervading the universe called the IGM that gets enriched in metals at greater redshifts and distances as galaxies lose metals receding away into hotter IGM temperatures. It is false to conclude that our view of receding galaxies and redshifts means that expansion must be everywhere by dark energy.  Cooling temperatures cause accretion and formation of galaxies, that are essentially floating in the hotter larger mass IGM having greater metal density and pervading the visible universe as a vast IGM ocean.
WHIM research published papers -
Birth of Universe following rupture of Fractal Structure Filaments

Digital Holographic Microscopy : Wikipedia - Future 3-D Space Holographic Telescopes will someday be built to Digitally record Holograms using the light wave front information, and not record projected images of an object. Computers will interpret the interference patterns, showing complete 3-D images of the sun, and 3-D galaxy holograms.

Alpha the Fine-Structure Constant is shaped like a huge cosmic dipole Bar Magnet having cosmic North and South poles that strengthens in force along the southward direction, and weakening towards the northern direction.  Galaxy clusters stream away from the visible edge of the universe towards the Dark Flow, which very nearly aligns with the varying EM Force of Alpha. This is how the correct size and shape of the Universe should be approximately determined !  Infinite size ranges of black holes, would produce larger ones beyond the distances to the dark flow at 150 billion light years, and smaller mini-black holes tinier hotter then the grainy smallest known planck scale. Hogan and the Holographic Universe purporters are wrong to believe the planck scale is an absolute smallest size scale. The invented Higgs particle, if labeled as found, will not be the smallest possible particle.  Mini-Black Holes, and their time reverse white holes, can together project holographic structures as holograms everywhere in all shapes and sizes, without any loss of information.  Nothing can enter a white hole, but only exit. Black holes are theoretical inferred to exist, and white holes are practically proven to be impossible to exist.  All this nonsense and dark matter to support the big-bang theory, when the largest structures are voids and filamentary structures having intersecting filaments surrounded by dust and gas, in many varying large scale plasma mediums in outer space. Time is relative and there was no beginning to the Universe by the big-bang that confuses understanding of reality.

Coronal Cloud - Higher temperature Plasma Cloud scales are associated with larger cosmic objects as a Fractal Hierarchy proposed by Hannes Alfven in the Universe: this includes the sun or a stars local hot bubble, the ISM, the Galactic Corona within the milky way, the WHIM around and connecting galaxies, the IGM between galaxies, and the largest hottest known size called the Hot InterGalactic Medium pervading between galaxy clusters. Galaxy clusters are the largest known "Gravitational bound" structures, but have their baryonic mass dominated by x-ray emitting plasma coronal clouds having ten times the mass of the constituent galaxies.  undetectable dark matter gravity particles are fictional inventions teaching pseudo-science for making a living. Obviously common sense tells you Galactic Plasma Filaments 1 billion light years long are the largest known today, but must logically exist in larger sizes in the universe, surrounding beyond the debated maximum sized supercluster object.  Superclusters are falsely believed and labeled as being the largest cosmic structure that can exist, to avoid criticisms by astronomers today still believing in the big-bang theory.  These larger plasma clouds to be discovered will be even hotter large-scale structures and span ever greater vast distances between larger objects !  when gas falls from the filamentary structures of the WHIM into the galaxy clusters at the intersection of cosmic filaments, it heats up even more above 10^8 Kelvin.

Superclusters : the Sculpter wall is aligned parallel to the Fornax wall and perpendicular to the Grus wall. The Zone of Avoidance conceals 10% of the sky and likely contains far more matter then our 90% view of the Universe.  The Zone of Avoidance is where galaxies and clusters could form the Greatest Wall yet to be discovered, as part of a "Hypercluster" or a 'super-duper-cluster' that would extend over 14 billion light years across the dust and gas obscuration plane of the universe.  The Sloan Great Wall spans 1.3 billion light years across. Consider it easy for Great Walls and voids to align themselves together in parallel and perpendicular 3D galaxy shaped objects to form a larger sized structure, that we can certainly call a "super-duper-cluster."  A Great Wall of Galaxies tugs on the milky way galaxy that accounts for our galaxy's motion of 14 million miles per hour.  About half of the motion of our galaxy is due to the wall, and about half due to galaxies behind the flat wall.  The wall sweeps over an enormous angle about 100 degrees near the top of the southern hemisphere sky, about 400 million light years.  the wall in between curves with the milky way silvery disk and merges with the Norma cluster, which is considered the focal point of the Great Attractor.  Radburn-Smith in monthly notices of the royal astronomical society says, "its precise shape is tricky to define, because the dust of our milky way galaxy obscures much of it." This dust obscuration is obviously caused by the Zone of Avoidance, which is very important for understanding the cosmic significance of hypercluster formation.  Galaxies are arranged into a sponge-like structure, with sheets and filaments.  Places where sheets and filaments intersect are called Knots where dense concentrations of galaxies merge. 

The CMB is believed to be an all 100% sky view of the big-bang, but the cosmic microwave background could be produced by the Plasma Model of Eric Lerner, or another model like mine, in which the CMB comes from a radio source with a concealed huge black hole obscured along the view of the zone of avoidance. 10% of the sky alone is obscured by the milky ways Zone of Avoidance looking southwards along through the dusty gas torus of the milky way plane.  Far additional deeper obscuration certainly occurs from the milky way and the nearby Fornax, Hydra I, and Centaurus clusters, which are all likely embedded within a "Centaurus Great Wall" that further conceals our view of an enormous "AGN or filament Hypercluster" over 14 billion light years away dating with the presumed age of the CMB.  Little is known about the Zone of Avoidance, even though the most influential large scale structures in the Universe are here obscured including far more galaxies nearer to the south celestial pole in the Zone of avoidance at Declination -45 degrees. This direction Dec -45 is where our local group of galaxies and neighbors are streaming towards the south sky as indicated by the CMB dipole. The CMB is in fact not "all sky" nor anisotropic as purportedly required, but has a dipole direction where galaxies are streaming that is not random, but fundamental to larger scale structures including hypercluster formation. The Dark Flow presumed to be a 150 billion light year distance black hole, is also streaming galaxies towards the southern hemisphere. Our view of the all-sky CMB radiation could be because we are always looking outwards from along our galaxy's location aligned "edge-on" angle oriented view from within a dusty shielded supercluster that also is "edge-on" with this huge radio source concealed AGN "Hypercluster", believed to be the space of the entire universe after the big-bang !  All galaxies appear to recede away from us with increasing redshifts only as far as current telescopes can see, because the ZOA and "Centaurus Great Wall" conceals our view of the huge AGN or filament. Galaxy redshifts are mostly undetermined along the zone of avoidance, and are preferred at higher latitudes where redshifts increase. The huge hidden AGN or filament Hypercluster emits radio waves that formed the CMB radiation all around us ! This is the best model today of the Universe, with no big-bang, but an ongoing fractal hierarchy of plasma AGN structures that form from smaller self-similar structures receding away and expanding space by presumed dark energy.

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