Monday, August 8, 2011

Gravitational Waves Detection Search by GEO600 and Virgo teams until Sept 2011 Indicates more Failures

Gravitational Waves
GEO600 and Virgo have always failed to detect any gravity waves. GEO600 Gravity Wave Detector documents all clearly state failures, so they establish "limits on" along with their "NO DECTECTION of GRAVITY WAVES" statements.  ALL are blind shooters without a target nor an aim in their sight, searching for invisible gravity waves.  Yet right here on earth, we can observe the moon, and both are rocky objects having centers of mass.  If they can't use their interferometers properly, and aim them at the moon and planets, why should we expect them to find any gravity waves in outer space by aiming at more of the same electromagnetic phenomena?  GEO600 studies Gamma rays, supernovae bubbles, black holes, pulsars, and neutron stars. All these objects have proven measurable spin as electromagnetic phenomena, including jets, polarity N-S, charged particles, magnetic fields...  Perhaps a lunar eclipse should at least be attempted with their earth based devices to find gravity waves, instead of pretending that they have a detectable line of sight for gravity waves far away in outer space for powerful spinning electromagnetic phenomenal objects. The credit goes to Maxwell, and not to Einstein.  Gravity scientists at are expressing their concerns and failures about the Higgs and gravity waves. They are speculating that Gravity might not exist ! Crowell hopes that they will find it soon HAHAHAH Gravity scientists want to pretend they'll find what Einstein's relativity predicts: gravity waves, black holes, dark matter, dark energy, Higgs...but zero and none of any of them have been found. Yet Maxwell's equations for electromagnetism are used for relativity, and maligned to purport their cosmology in what they themselves state is an unreal pseudo-force (gravity).  Recent evidence of gamma rays shows the planck scale does not exist in outer space. So light speed and gravitational forces will vary. The outer space vacuum is free of all quantum theories shows recent evidence.  Gravity scientists have mathematically invented and accepted particular signal frequencies, such as 22 HZ for an isolated pulsar, making it truly outlandishly ridiculous to believe in their crazy ideas.  Society would be better off to use their instruments to search for magnetic field lines, rather then gravity waves, and get the correct interpretation that Maxwell's electromagnetism rules the Universe instead of Einstein's Gravity.
Gravity Wave Hologram
Gravity Space Fabric
The "Albert Einstein Institute for Gravitational Physics", which is announcing another new collaborative search for gravity waves, needs to be renamed to The "Maxwell Institute for Electromagnetic Astrophysics." 

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  1. Interesting, though I was hoping Higgs would come through in the end. The upside is that Richard Dawkins may have to eat his words, ie those including his sneering little phrase, "the God particle". Amazing how much damage a TOE can do to a GUT.


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