Sunday, May 6, 2012

Galaxy "Black Hole" Laser Powered Flares Ejects Fractal Helium Superstate Star Core Supersolids

helium star core ejected by galaxy 
Suvi Gezari at John hopkins has collaborated with the big-bangers, with no evidence, and only inferences of phony black holes.  Gezari says "we see the glow from the stellar gas falling into the black hole as increased light, and the spectral signature of ejected gas is almost entirely helium." The slaughtered star is the helium-rich core of a stripped old red giant star being ejected near the center of the galaxy. No actual star was observed, if anything EM forces not gravity would be stripping old stars of hydrogen near the galaxy center. Galaxy rotation curve findings always prove dark matter and black holes were invented and do not exist. Plasma Birkeland currents that twist and wrap magnetic fields around confined hydrogen filaments, described by QED and optical magnetohydrodynamics, cause flares to brighten at galaxy centers, producing these peculiar believed stripped helium star core ejections.
No evidence that black holes are stripping stars
BLACK HOLES ARE PHONY GRAVITY. Spectra signature findings by Suvi Gezari at John Hopkins university shows that helium gas is being exclusively ejected near the galaxy center. Probably very little of the helium gas spectra they detected came from a stripped helium star core. They made the idea up to support the big-bang theory of gravity.  Scientific progress requires including everything proven, and rejection of the unseen dark matter gravity cosmology. Real physics shows explains how cold aligned helium atoms model laser beams, and both are common in cosmic structures.  Laser beams are common in the universe as ultraviolet light inside the filaments of stars, nebula, and galaxies.  Supercold HELIUM atoms (HE star core) act like laser beams that stabilize hydrogen filaments forming spiral arms of galaxies. What is true for light is also true for atoms.
Quantum atom laser beams exhibit the same characteristics as laser light beams in outer space
Supersolidity Helium State Research Quantum mechanics has only two verifiable superstates of observable matter at the macro-scale level, superconductivity and superfluidity. Helium is believed to have macro-scale supersolidity and superconductivity of electricity. 10% of all atoms in the universe are helium,  that in cold outer space, form galaxy scale supersolid structures that superconduct electricity between galaxies, shaping the cosmic web. The universe is composed of fractal plasma structures, largely dependent upon these new superstates of matter. Cosmic phase transitions are superstates that explain all kinds of cosmic phenomena by astrochemistry laws and not gravity. Lunatic Outpost blog mentions this story here
Laser Galaxy


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Type II SUPERCONDUCTORS constrain the magnetic field in FILAMENTS surrounded by vortex currents.

Type II SUPERCONDUCTORS constrain the magnetic field in FILAMENTS surrounded by vortex currents.
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