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Universal Mathematical Scaling Principle Found in Beltrami Flows Makes a Fractal Universe of Stars, Nebula, and Galaxies

Galaxies and jets have scalable Beltrami flow patterns. Cosmic scale flux tubes interact in intertwined helices with spin connection resonances producing Birkeland current Z-pinches. Galaxies flow along magnetic flux tubes as toroidal counter vortices that are the walls of double layers.  This all comes scientifically in ECE sub theory from team leader scientist Norman Page, who applies spin torsion to the "Whirlpool Galaxy ECE Animation model:

Double layers and Birkeland currents
Helical toroid galaxy jet model

Beltrami flow field animation

Beltrami Flow Galaxies 

 ECE field equations are valid at all scales. The geometrical charge/current used in ECE is Maxwell's original displacement current equation.

Yoshida & Shatashvili in 2012 wrote in "A Thin Disk and Narrow Jet" about this universal scaling principle appearing as an axle:

ECE theory founded by Myron Evans mathematically refutes the standard big-bang cosmological model. Observable Beltrami fields refute the Higgs boson and dark matter theory.

Link: Myron Evans ECE Theory Wordpress Blog   

Latest developments:

Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics in Cambridge is quietly replacing the standard model of physics with ECE mathematics

Observable Beltrami fields = new physics new cosmology

Whirlpool (spinning) galaxies are described by Beltrami theory as a sub theory of ECE. Norman Page at ECE writes about this most exciting aspect of ECE at Myron Evan's ECE Wordpress Blog. Spin torsion "whirlpool galaxies"don't seem to me to have any fundamental differences with EU theory at the Electric Universe. Maxwell's displacement current equation is finally being used in cosmology as a spin-torsion vector instead of gravity, called the geometrical current/charge. Dark matter gravity minded scientists always want to deny that electricity flows in outer space. The E vector field component in the ECE equations should clearly indicate that it does. Electricity produces magnetic fields and vice versa is the motto at EU. Both ECE and EU reject the accepted redshift interpretation, and do not believe in black holes, dark matter, dark energy, gravitational lensing, Higgs, etc. 

Fractal scalable double layers with Birkeland current Z-pinches, and perhaps theta pinches. The universe, from DNA to galaxies, is represented as a Kolmogorov or fractal cascade. Everything in the universe is in ECE, EU, PC. I love to know the full truth in cosmology interpreted without all the mumbo jumbo.

EU Electric Universe model of Sun's Z-pinch

Double layers in labs

Photos from Reed's paper that Norman Page commented upon about double layers and galaxies shaped by Birkeland currents

Norman Page at ECE likes my galaxy animations

Maxwell's electric displacement current (Electricity) is wrongfully called gravity by constant g:

 Source: AIAS AIAS Alpha Institute for Advanced Studies

Atomic shadows reveal the vector field components. Reed also has a magnetoptical component. So, at what point do we have all these new discoveries and emerging fields, like spintronics, QED, and magnetoptics, all included and accounted for in ECE field equations? QED does not apply to ECE equations. This is all because physics and cosmology is ever evolving.
 Super nuclear core region of the milky way is where there is a 7 light year diameter ring. Hot gas is supposedly infalling into the black hole.
 Birkeland currents and double layers shape the Pinwheel galaxy M101 into a hyperbolic spiral. The precise mathematical equation 36 is proven by ECE.

Red giant star helical vortex ring
Double layers and Birkeland currents in atoms

 Excitons forming helical patterns

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