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Huge Sky Gravity Waves in Earth's Airglows are Chemiluminescent Oxygen Atoms from Ripples of Electric Currents

"Sprites, Gravity Waves and Airglow" Home made GIF Animation taken from Dakotalapse by Randy Halverson

 Atmospheric gravity waves are supposedly being observed, according to some leading authorities, by huge visible ripples in the sky in airglows that last for many hours. These same ripple patterns have been photographed by the space shuttle, and surround the earth. Low mass visible "airglows" have no significant self gravity, implying that atmospheric gravity wave theory is not a scientifically valid method for observing actual "atmospheric gravity waves." According to gravitational theory used in cosmology, a molecular cloud must have enough mass to gravitationally contract to form a self-gravitating entity.  Atmospheric gravity wave theory arose later, saying that water layers in the cloud have different densities that generate internal waves, similar to convective generated gravity in the atmosphere gas layers. So there are two theories of gravity that are both wrong. The FWB floating water bridge of gaseous plasma used in MHD magnetohydrodynamics explains the ripple phenomena. Cosmic dust matches and explains away the big-bang gravitational wave detection propaganda to win a Nobel prize, all based upon big-bang cosmology dogmatism.

Library of Dakotalapse Photos

Temporal Distortion by Randy Halverson

Berkeley Atmospheric Gravity Wave Theory

Airglow over Tibet on Sept 2014

NASA states that airglows are "atmospheric gravity waves of alternating air pressure that can grow with height as the air thins." "Airglow is caused by chemiluminescence" states NASA. In Sept 2014 NASA mentions atmospheric gravity waves in airglows like they are a fact, instead of just a theory.

Airglow Above the Tibetan Plateau is caused by excited oxygen atoms in a very thin cloud layer. The identical atmospheric gravity wave patterns in ground photos are seen surrounding the Tibetian plateau, indicating we are not seeing any gravity patterns inside 100+ km thin clouds from both locations, nor from either location.

Airglow over Germany

The very thin airglow layer explains the lack of 3D depth in the atmospheric gravity wave observations. Seeing photos of thin airglow clouds by the space shuttle forming the same ripple patterns seen from the ground, entirely without a doubt observationally refutes any gravity involvement.

The green airglow layer is the lower most layer in the ionosphere beneath the auroras.

Space shuttle photo of the green airglow

"Atmospheric gravity waves occur between two different gas layers, and internal waves between two water layers with different densities.  

Contradictory Evidence Against Atmospheric Gravity Wave Theory:

(1a) The water layers where originates internal waves, that are supposedly similar to convectively generated atmospheric gravity waves, are not liquids of different densities, but are seas of ionized plasma gas with a floating water bridge (FWB). This is modeled in fluid mechanics by Birkeland currents.

Stars forming inside Birkeland currents are models for Magnetohydrodynamics that study fluid mechanics.

(1b) The FWB floating water bridge of ionized-gas plasma explains away belief in atmospheric gravity wave theory being similar to water layers.
Floating Water Bridge behavior compared to a Birkeland current.

"The thin airglow layer is just the lowest part of the ionosphere, and is the most visible component. The airglow layer is part of a vast sea of electrically charged particles or ions. There is a global electromagnetic circuit that surrounds the earth."  The ionosphere plasma sea with electricity flowing must be causing the ripple patterns in the airglows, that are being called atmospheric gravity waves. Electric currents produce the same ripple patterns seen everywhere in the universe, in solar and dusty plasma cosmic filaments, nebulas, and supernovas.

(3) Everything's Electric- "The Global Electric Circuit of Earth" states
"There is a Global Electric Circuit." Earth's magnetic poles and atmospheric electric currents obviously explain away any possibility for atmospheric gravity wave theories.

(4) Electric Universe Thunderbolts states 
"Electrical energy powers the UV airglow known as ashen light on Venus. An electrical explanation is preferred because the solar system is 99.9% plasma, that can conduct enormous amounts of electricity."

(5)  APOD NASA by Carnegie Institution For Science states "The sun's ultraviolet radiation excites oxygen atoms in a similar way to earth's auroras." "The greenish hues of ripples are excited oxygen atoms."

Auroras carrying electric currents and exciting chemiluminent oxygen atoms, is an entirely self sufficient explaination with the correct mechanism, without cause for invoking outlandish conjectures that we are seeing huge long lasting durations of atmospheric gravity waves. 

"Like aurora, the greenish hue of this airglow does originate at altitudes of 100 kilometers or so dominated by emission from excited oxygen atoms."

Further examples of gravity waves foolishly purported as scientific facts:

 Surface gravity waves that exist in ponds, lakes, and rivers. But not in your kitchen sink.
 Gravity waves seen in Roll clouds that always travel from east to west direction.

How Earth and Venus Auroras and Airglows are powered by electric currents inside rotating vacuum flux tubes

 Airglow over planet Venus
OH- ion of ozone in Venus clouds 
 Solar wind flux tubes scale to cosmic sizes

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