Monday, April 30, 2012

Collective Lamb-Shift Produces Giant Fractal Atoms by Superradiance Resonators of the Light-Matter Ensemble

Photons and atoms cooperate virtually by CLS resonating spatial ensembles
Ralf Rohlsberger explains new findings on how light and matter interact to form and shape the fractal quantum universe. Rohlsberger says "In this sense the ensemble of resonant atoms can be considered to be a GIANT ATOM with a self-energy correction of its collective resonance energy due to virtual photon exchange. Light-matter interactions become more complex and richer in detail when many identical individual atoms are interacting with the same radiation field (superradiance). The existence of many identical resonators in close proximity modifies atomic properties to produce radiative and optical effects in large-scale cosmic phenomena, that does not occur in single atoms. The Collective Lamb-shift (CLS) arises in the same way as the single atom Lamb shift, except that the virtual photon is emitted by one atom and absorbed by another atom in the resonating ensemble.  The magnitude of the CLS depends on the spacial geometry arrangement of the atoms. Superradiance is the collective acceleration of the spontaneous emission of photons by many atoms faster than a single atom. Superradiance prevails even in the limit of large-scale samples that are excited by one resonant photon at a time. 


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