Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dark Matter Missing Mass Region Equals the Mass of the Stars, Gas, Dust

Dark matter alternatives - - Moni-Biden says "To date, a comprehensive relativistic theory alternative to the dark matter paradigm, able to explain observations on all scales, from galactic rotation to the clusters of galaxies, is not known."  Future astronomical surveys, such as the European Space Agency's Gaia mission, will clarify the situation by observing the movements of millions of stars, instead of just over 400 stars within 13,000 light years from earth. If future surveys by ESO of star motions strongly suggest there really is not any dark matter in our region of the galaxy, cosmologists may have to scrap all current theories and begin Anew. presents two other most popular alternatives to dark matter, MOND and Pions, both of which have invented their own imaginary particles, that will never be detected. Stop inventing new particles for dark matter theories, and expecting them to conform to reality and the universe. Not until scientists admit and acknowledge the blundering belief that gravity shapes macroscopic phenomena in outer space, instead of electromagnetism, will these ridiculous dark matter theorists stop their nonsense supporting the big-bang cosmology.  If  gravity scientists refuse to give up their wrong theories until the fundings stop, at least everyone else should scrap the big-bang theory of gravity forming stars and galaxies, and simply see that electromagnetic phenomena is forming and shaping the universe. No dark matter search would ever be funded by private enterprises, and is a total waste of money.

The phony theoretical dark matter "missing mass" exactly matches the observable mass of the stars, gas, and dust in the region near our sun where dark matter was expected and predicted to be found. This strongly suggests that electromagnetic plasma dynamic forces like magnetohydrodynamics and electrohydrodynamics are shaping the universe, and not the multitudes of phony dark matter gravitational models for interpretations that waste money.
There cannot be dark matter gravity when there is no missing mass nor space for dark matter. The mass of the gas, dust, and stars (interacting plasma structures shaping galaxies) have analogous plasma forces of charge that exactly equals the missing mass. Mass replacing charge in relativity has caused the sickening dark matter debacle. This study goes back to Poisson's famous 19th century mass source electromagnetism equations that do not have dark matter. These original "sacred" equations of electromagnetism have been maliciously maligned with Newton's observational gravity description used to make phony relativity gravity interpretations requiring dark matter without electric fields. This is the Poisson Gravity equation. This is the growing crisis of ignorance and greed in gravity cosmology, which began when electromagnetism was not believed applicable for studying large-scale macroscopic structures, like stars and galaxies.
Unusual dark matter halo shapes that cannot exist is a serious blow to dark matter theories says ESO
Galaxy shapes without fictional dark matter - the most abundant element in the universe is prevalent as ionized H3+ gas that forms stars with dust
A plasma gas and dust filament that is forming stars is 10 light years long, and merely 450 light years away in the Taurus molecular cloud. This is large-scale fractal dust near earth. Dusty ionized gaseous spinning molecular clouds form dusty filaments that contain inside stars forming by electromagnetic forces, and not by gravity. H3+ is negatively charged in plasma (not neutral gravity) forming triatomic ionized molecular hydrogen, and is the most prevalent molecule in the universe, particularly in molecular clouds.  Triangular shaped H3+ bends, vibrates, and emits light in the presence of radiation. There wouldn't be any star formation without H3+ cooling down the star by emitting light. H3+ emission regions have significant fractal structures. Mass for gravity by dark matter is unnecessary compared to the far stronger EM forces on dusty plasmas, that are not being properly searched and detected, and not being applied to new findings for plasma cosmology. 
10 light year long filament tentacle of dust anchored to the Taurus molecular cloud only 450 light years away from earth. Dust filaments seem to glow in 1 mm light range where stars are forming inside by electromagnetic phenomena

The MASS of all observable stars, gas, and dust in a region surrounding 400 nearby stars has been found to exactly match the "missing mass" for dark matter where it was predicted to be located.  The simple logical rational explanation is that electromagnetism, not missing gravity, is shaping these regions. Biden says "our results contradict the currently accepted dark matter models. The mystery of dark matter has just became even more mysterious." A rule of science is that the simpler explanation is the better one. All the material mass for dark matter can be found in common stars, gas, and dust, without resorting to ludicrous unseen theorized phony dark matter to support the outdated big-bang theory.

If not dark matter, then what??
Galaxy dark matter halos are roughly spherical shaped, and believed to bend the light passing through galaxy clusters of background objects by gravitational lensing. A new brilliant discovery by Zhigang Chen shows that self-preserving background light beams self-bend when traveling 3-dimensionally along circular trajectories, and emerge as mathematical solutions to Maxwell's equations of electromagnetism.  
Light beams self-bending and shape-preserving travel along a circular trajectory emerge as solutions to Maxwell's equations. Zhigang Chen shows how the phony gravitational lens purports to show how gravity bends light around galaxy clusters.
Electric Universe : Wheel falls off Dark matter Bandwagon

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