Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cosmic WHIM Filaments not "Missing Universe Mass" Detected by Pimbblet was predicted by Hannes Alfven in 1937

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STUDENT FOUND SOME MISSING MASS, by detecting the soft x-rays emissions in WHIM filaments, which doesn't mean that the "Missing mass of the Universe" has been found.  This remake story doesn't make front page headlines in the world, because even the big-bang theory predicted a lot of missing baryonic mass to be in the WHIM, in addition to devising dark matter. The discovery by Pimbblet is basically the same story published in May 2010, when Taotao Fang discovered "The Missing Mass of the Universe.", already described and poorly interpreted, to support the effort in big-bang collaboration. The better interpretation of these findings, is that many more filaments have not yet been detected, and its extremely likely that the WHIM pervades and permeates throughout all large-scale structures in the Universe.  Gudel observed Plasma flowing from the Orion Nebula into the adjacent ISM, and then into superbubble Eridanus. Very likely Plasma Flows through entire Galaxies throughout the Universe.  Taotao Fang is the expert authority on the WHIM, and saw right through a huge filament connecting the sculptor wall of galaxies, with a blazer and huge black hole.  The WHIM is easily transparent, having a low density of 6 protons per cubic meter, and high temp ~1 million degrees. Fang stated, "the WHIM is difficult to detect, being so diffuse and easy to see right through." "Most astronomers search for obscured things, but we are looking through the WHIM all the time," states Fang.   Visible light observation of vast length filaments, requires precise line of sight alignments, to see right through a filament, that is far more vast then it is wide. Even Pimbblet states that half of the atomic matter mass in the Universe could be in the WHIM.  Most of the mass in the Universe was already known to be in filaments.
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