Monday, May 30, 2011

Spacetime is Curved Warped because Flowing Plasma Permeates the Filamentary Universe

In 1963 Hannes Alfven predicted that outer space was permeated by flowing filamentary plasma. BOSS reveals that the Universe is indeed filamentary, as far out as 12 billion light years scale view.  CHARGE was replaced by MASS in famous electromagnetic equations, to get Einstein's relativity to work better then Newton's gravitational constant. Spacetime is more precisely warped by frame dragging by "Spin and Charge" rather then spin and mass. Radial electric field lines all point towards the center of earth, and dipolar magnetic field lines surround the poles. Kip Thorne's model above, accepted by Relativity, shows that (arrow E) Electric Field components are perpendicular to (arrow B) Magnetic Field frame dragging components that warps spacetime. Thorne shows that Gravity has the same symmetry using electric tendex lines and magnetic vortex lines. 8 vortex-tendex lines are visible in the diagram, that are analogous to and represent gravity waves. Gravity Probe B confirmed Warping of Spacetime by the Gravito-Magnetic component. Gravito-electricity and Gravito-magnetism are frame dependent on locations of the observers.  Gravity is a pseudo-force that arises as an EM byproduct, having an intimate analogy with Electromagnetism.  David Sterns of NASA states that plasma is moved, pushed sideways in outer space by electric fields.  The motion of plasma IS changing the magnetic field line structure that is associated with an electric field. Electric fields come from far vast distances in outer space. Galactic intracluster magnetic field strengths average at least 3 x 10^-6 Gauss, which may appear weak, but the key is the large scale size. A giga parsec fulcrum could move galaxies in zero gravity outer space.  Plasma CO-ROTATES as if its being frame dragged, just the same as if magnetic field lines are attached and threading plasma.  Electricity spreads out radially in space. Each point in space has its own voltage, and the 3-Dimensional Voltage Distribution is the Electric Field. The positive and negative charges need only a relatively small number of electrons to move to new positions, to move large-scale plasma structures in some direction. Anthony Peratt's Plasma Institute says that the Universe is 99.99% fundamental fourth state plasma matter . In 2008 Guedel discovered plasma flows from our local Orion Nebula into the adjacent ISM, and connecting to the Superbubble Eranidus. Guedel believes large-scale plasma outflows are common in galaxies throughout the Universe. In 2009 Ebeling observed 4 galaxy clusters colliding and converging along a filament of galaxies in MACS J0717 and stated that filaments permeate the universe, drawing in galaxies and IGM gases like cosmic highways that are funneling plasma matter i.e. galaxies. In 1987 Tully discovered the local Virgo Superclusters are connecting filamentary galaxies in a fractal pattern that connects to the Great Wall Coma Cluster, and to the Coma-Sculptor cloud that connects to our own local group of galaxies. The IGM is mostly high temperature ionized gas 10^5 to 10^7 K. The ISM, IGM, WHIM, and Hot IGM are Plasma Mediums permeating the Universe, except around planets, comets, asteroids that exist in Interplanetary mediums. In 2010 Taotao Fang detected the WHIM soft x-rays along the line of sight of a black hole, that connects to the sculpture wall of galaxies. The WHIM could account for half the mass in the universe, and is in all large-scale structures. Most of the mass in the Universe is in filaments, with Galaxy Clusters second. The mass of the Hot IGM is ten times more then the constituent galaxies forming the galaxy cluster. The largest known filament is part of the Sloan Great Wall, and spans 1.3 billion light years across.

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Type II SUPERCONDUCTORS constrain the magnetic field in FILAMENTS surrounded by vortex currents.
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