Saturday, March 10, 2012

Moving Atom Analogues Fractal Galaxy Structures

Observation of new images reveals fractal phenomena inherent in atoms, stars, and galaxies. All have self-similar structures, which should be conclusive proof that stars and galaxies are purely electromagnetic phenomena, and are analogs of moving diatomic molecules like oxygen or nitrogen, formed by an electric field over time, and not by quantum nor macroscopic gravity.

Molecular Nitrogen
Dimauro has imaged moving O2 and N2 molecules. This thin flat atomic disk has fractal self-similarity with galactic structures, such as both having a central "black hole" surrounded by corona bubbles, similar magnetic field distribution and electric field orientation, electron vortex, laser beams, jets, and angular momentum increasing towards the center. Dimauro found they can control the trajectory of the electron when it comes back to the molecule by adjusting the orientation of the laser that launches it. Dimauro states "you can use laser induced electron diffraction LIED to study individual atoms." Proteins will be next to study after these simple well known structures.
M82 electromagnetic field galaxy model

Electric Universe Galaxy Model

Milky Way Bubbles
A moving protostar mimics the fractal dimensional structural analogues of moving diatomic nitrogen or oxygen atoms, and entire galaxies. Collective streaming swarms of charged plasma particles compose galaxies. Atoms, stars, and galaxies all have thin flat spinning accretion disks, bipolar particle jets, electric currents, electric fields, magnetic fields, rescattered electron vortex rings, magnetized plasma bubbles, and emit similar patterns of x-rays gamma rays and radiation.  Actual size scales and distance measurements become relative, without any observational differences, when a fractal part of the whole contains the same kind and amount of information. Large mass protostars forming in plasma filaments rapidly supernova and are falsely believed to form a black hole.

Mathematics and art combine in nature to form fractals:
Molecular fractal of ruthenium and iron atoms that conducts electricity


  1. Saying that supernovae don´t form black holes... but what do they form instead? I miss that data.

  2. A massive star will supernova to form a supersolid helium core near absolute zero, surrounded by an outer region of liquid helium that contains impurities. As it evaporates,an accretion disk forms that slows down the warming process of the helium core.

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Type II SUPERCONDUCTORS constrain the magnetic field in FILAMENTS surrounded by vortex currents.
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