Friday, March 23, 2012

Rectangular Geometric Oriented Galaxies Reveals the Sacred EM Golden Mean Phi

Rectangular dwarf galaxy has inner disk of star formation

the eighth rectangular galaxy has been discovered

Graham at Swinburne University of Technology says "LEDA 074886 dwarf galaxy formed from the merger of two disc galaxies, like a couple of pancakes stacked on top of each other." "It appears rectangular from the side." "Clearly this is a rare type of event but not entirely new." So far a total of eight rectangular galaxies have been cataloged in a survey of millions of galaxies.

red square nebula MWC 922
The "emerald diamond cut" dwarf galaxy LEDA 074886 has both a rectangular geometric outline and an inner disk of star formation.
nearby rectangular Barnard dwarf galaxy NGC 6822 

BEC quantum honeycomb pancake shaped atom clouds formed by lasers analogs magnetically confined galaxy with 3 arms and spinning vortices
NGC 3628
Red rectangle nebulae HD 44179 is a dying star ejecting outer gas layers and is precisely aligned locally with earth

Our milky way galaxy has a distinct SQUARE appearance like the Pinwheel galaxy M101. The logical conclusion is that geometric shaped galaxies are common in the universe, and must be a rare alignment, to see the entire geometric galactic shape from the location of observation.  Most galaxies are believed to have about 3 spiral arms, and these are straight arms when viewed along a line of sight.

Pinwheel galaxy M101 has square arms like our milky way

Graham writes in "Leda 074886: A remarkable rectangular-looking galaxy" about other rectangular galaxies
1) "the spiral galaxy SDSS J 074018.17+282756.3 has a rather squarish-looking spiral-armed interior."
2) "a squarish expanding shell of young blue stars in local dwarf Sextans A irregular galaxy."
3) "blue compact dwarf galaxy VCC 1699 rectangular galaxy."
4) "rectangular bow-tie shaped galaxy NGC 4488."
5) "the closest match is the relative luminous rectangular galaxy IC 3370."

Sextans A irregular local dwarf is square shaped
NGC 4488

geometric light shapes of the Sombrero galaxy
the Sombrero galaxy has different hidden geometric outlines shapes when viewed by different wavelengths using x-rays, visible, and infrared light.
PHI shaped Phi Persei binary star system
first large binocular telescope findings show geometric shaped star motions.
4 stars in the Orion Trapezium clusters form geometric motion patterns over their last 15 years of movements showing they interact and were born together. Stars are moving apart from each other, completely defying gravitational theories of star formation, and requiring new explanations of far stronger electromagnetic forces of spin and angular momentum than weak gravity.

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