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Black Holes as Monopoles of Magnetic Charge in the Universe

A Black Hole Singularity models a Holographic Magnetic Charged Monopole

Black and white hole monopoles animation

A Holographic Universe of Monopoles 

Monopole HOLOGRAMS in 4 Dimensional Spacetime
The flow of magnetic monopoles is the magnetic equivalent of electricity in Magnetricity. Electric charges in plasma analogs a monopole plasma containing magnetic charge. Magnetic charge can flow like electric charge. Quasi-particles of magnetic charge moving collectively shape galaxies, creating a magnetic current similar to the electric current, but by moving electrons. Separate pockets of magnetic charge, along with electric charges, have amplified effects throughout the cold vacuum of the universe. Galactic magnetic fields energize and accelerate monopoles throughout the vacuum of intergalactic space. So far, only spin ice crystals have been measured to have perfect symmetry between electricity and magnetism (magnetricity). 

Holographic string theory has innumerably many finite mass monopoles. The monopole singularity is a black hole. Black holes having large magnetic charge and mass have equal amounts. According to Purcell, the sun's total monopoles are ~10^26, and produce a colder central core region, explaining away the problematical gravity sun fusion models. The calculable net flux of monopoles from all stars in our milky way galaxy is about 10^28 monopoles per year. 

Dirac Strings as cosmic plasma filaments without attached dark matter components connecting galaxies together by magnetic currents to form the fractal filamentary web of the universe. 

Monopoles are their own anti-particles of anti-matter. Ordinary matter is neutral dipoles. A north monopole will mutually annihilate a south monopole. Dirac strings are vast cosmic filaments that connect together monopoles of opposite charge. Monopoles are small separate pockets of magnetic charge. Anti-matter is opposite spin or opposite charge. Both a monopole and an electric charge have spin, charge, and angular momentum, even at their ground state. The Dirac monopole is a topological defect, like in superconducting metamaterials. 

 Anti-matter Galaxies and Planets

 Monopole Planets and Galaxies by N.S. Manton

Spherical clusters of monopoles generalize the Bolognesi magnetic bag solution of the same charge, when selected density profiles give structures analogous to planets of uniform density, and galaxies with a density decaying as the inverse square of the distance from the center. The Bolognesi magnetic bag itself has features analogous to a black hole. Certain exact platonic monopoles of small charge have sizes and other features consistent with what is expected for magnetic bags, and cosmic plasma bubbles.

All particles ever observed have equal ratios of magnetic charge to electric charge.

Magnetic Whirls Vortices
The singularity is the point at which the magnetic vortices merge, displaying properties of an emergent magnetic monopole. Magnetic vortices called skyrmions create and annihilate everything including anti-matter counterparts. "Artificial Magnetic Monopoles Discovered"

Monopoles Explain Gravity by Magnetic Currents

 A monopole helical vortex in spin ice lapses back by a specific Coulomb phase-transition, becoming locked into magnetically neutral dipoles at extremely low temperatures. Ordinary matter is neutral dipoles, and monopoles are anti-matter. This process resembles black holes trapping monopoles at galaxy centers, involving a phase transition of superfluid and supersolid helium 4. Charged ion complexes organize the surface of liquid helium by helical vortex structuring.

A magnetic dipole arises spontaneously in monopoles near absolute zero temperatures in spin ice. Black holes are very near absolute zero, but are only postulated and inferred to exist. Room temperature monopoles have also been discovered by using tiny magnets in  a vacuum, called artificial spin ice, that supplies strong evidence for extrapolating that monopoles are everywhere in the universe.

Galaxies have square arms and geometric shapes because of monopoles.

Spinning magnetized plasma bubbles, are formed and shaped by the magnetic charges of "Magnetricity". Solar system bubbles, supernova bubbles, galaxy bubbles, galaxy cluster bubbles, are electromagnetic plasma phenomena. Electric and magnetic fields, together with electric and magnetic currents, rule and shape everything in the universe that's composed of over 99.9% plasma, minus at least 15% liquid and solid hydrogen and helium clearly substantiated to exist, overall grossly behaving as plasma and gravitational black holes.

Supernova Bubbles are largely formed and shaped by Magnetricity

Vela Pulsar

Magnetar magnetic fields are organized into a dipole just like a bar magnet. Disruptions in the magnetic field by monopoles likely cause polar outbursts. Emissions are created at the poles where the magnetic fields bundle together into Birkeland currents. Anti-matter / matter interactions are believed to produce extreme amounts of X-rays and radio waves.  Mori says "electrons and positrons swirling in twisted magnetic field lines bundled at the magnetar's poles produce X-rays and radio waves.

Magnetars are dipoles that interact with anti-matter monopoles

   Dipole Galaxies :

dipolar jets

Bar magnet dipole galaxies

Monopole interaction

Monopoles and Dipoles are both inseparable transitional phase states
dipole polar jets

"Interacting Galaxies" are explainable by phase transitions of monopoles and dipoles.

Dipolar symmetrical Jets


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Type II SUPERCONDUCTORS constrain the magnetic field in FILAMENTS surrounded by vortex currents.
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