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Black Holes Grow Mass by Feeding on Swirling Dense Cold Gaseous Filaments Containing Superfluid Helium

Kyle Stewart's computer simulation shows how Galaxies grow by feeding on cold gas swirling into the theoretically inferred singularity region at the galactic core center. Stars form by condensation inside cold filaments, especially near galaxy centers. Stewart writes that "Galaxies came to be from bits of matter that were connected together by filaments." Cold gas follows the filaments and flows into the galaxy center faster than previously believed, and dark matter also funnels faster than previously believed into the galaxy center along the filaments. It's just as if the cold magnetized plasma gaseous filaments actually produce their need for inventing and attaching a dark matter gravitational force. Cold filaments containing single atom thick liquid helium atoms have inherent magnetic levitation phenomena, that can fully refute and explain away the problematic dark matter mystery and gravitational singularity.

Cold Gas Filaments Swirl Into a Singularity to Feed Growing "Black Holes" finds Kyle Stewart. 
Cold Fronts Shape the Formation of Galaxies - Plasma astrophysics is the realm for new cosmology.
"Sloshing Cold Fronts in Galaxy Groups like IC 1860 Shape New Formation Models"
Video: Quantum Vortices in Superfluid Helium mathematically analogs relativity, mimicking gravitational black hole physics. Cosmic scale self-similar galactic filaments are in a vortex state, that compares to the physics of quantum vortices in superfluid helium. Magnetic levitation phenomena of superfluid helium is well demonstrated in labs. Cold filaments connect to spinning galaxy superfluid core regions shaping cosmic phenomena by magnetic fields, instead of by dark matter and black holes. Quantum vortices carry the angular momentum of the superfluid, and are theoretically similar to a superconductor's flux lines that carry the magnetic field created by electric current traveling through them. Electromagnetism shapes the Universe.
Spiraling Cold Gas Funnels Into Theoretically Unseen Black Holes. Helium-4 atoms behave as a single entire whole collective entity, when condensing into a superfluid. Filaments connect together the spiral arms of a galaxy with it's spinning black hole core region.

It's All "Hot Air" That Galaxies Form by Gravity!! 

The previous standard gravity model of galaxy formation held that hot gas sank inwards into the centers of galaxies from all directions and got hotter. Cold-Mode theory shows gas is not being heated by gravitational contraction and collapse. New cosmological models require the existence of superfluid helium as constituents for the formation of stars and galactic black hole inferred centers. The phase change of liquid to superfluid helium just below 2.17 degrees Kelvin involves no latent heat, nor any specific volume change. No heat is released by the cold gaseous filament during the phase change of helium.

Kostas Skenderis links Negatively Curved Space-Time and Flat Space-Time, with the Gregory Laflamme instability. New Mathematical Model Links Negatively Curved Space-Time and Flat Space-Time

The Gregory Laflamme instability grows stronger by spin and rotation, breaking up a large superfluid helium comprised black hole into many smaller self-similar fractal droplets. It is a phase change resembling a stream of water breaking up into water droplets, or superfluid helium. Black holes were discovered to break apart into smaller ones, which remained unexplainable until recent discoveries are applied to cosmology.

Cold plasma near 1 degree kelvin under an electric field will collectively oscillate electrons in resonance and produces a strong electric current and magnetic field. Nebulae contain cold filaments that reach deep inside to the center to form stars that are difficult to see forming. Hot plasma is a good conductor of electricity, but cold plasma is a friction free superconductor of electricity that does much more than just analog Einstein's relativity theory. Cold plasmas, rather than hot, are largely responsible for shaping and organizing cosmic structures by their strong vast electric and magnetic fields.


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  2. You are perfectly correct & these main-stream physicists are acting as ostriches to the open challenge. The very space-time concept,on which theories of relativity are founded, has been mathematically, theoretically & experimentally proved as baseless and openly challenged on the basis of published scientific articles. Since the very space-time concept has been proved as baseless the question of curvature of space-time being correct does not arise. Gravity has been shown to be an electromagnetic force as foreseen by Maxwell due to the curl/vortices of aether (the electric dipoles) in the published article 'Revised Foundation of Theory of Everything: Non-living Things & Living Things' (; Sep 2010) Revised version of this article is available on vixra, General Science Journal, & World Science Database in my profile. Open challenge could be seen by everyone at and . I would like to keep you informed that the open challenge has been sent to almost all professors of physics & universities of the world and so far two retired professors of physics namely Jeremy Dunning-Davies of Hull University & Brian Cole of Columbia University accepted the challenge but both of them finally failed to show a single error in the articles on the basis of which open challenge has been put forward. In this regard exchange of articles between me & Jeremy is available on vixra, General Science Journal & Elixir Online Journal.

    World should force all the physicists of the world to join to accept the standing open challenge to produce the rebuttal article to the scientific articles on the basis of which open challenge has been put forward; the very well known & only accepted procedure of denying the scientific findings published in peer-reviewed journals.

    For their information of all concerned I would like to state here that every concerned physicist of the world is in total knowledge of the open challenge and they also know that they can do not
    hing about it technically & scientifically. They would have easily accepted the alternative paradigm of physics which emerges as the consequence of my scientific publications but that would reduce their degrees to trash and they will have to quit their jobs on the basis of morality. Besides there is fund flow of trillions of dollars annually for research in thousands of research institutions all over the world and once world comes to know that all these institutions have been knowingly wasting trillions of dollars of public money; then many (millions) heads would have to role.

    Thus all the main-stream physicists are maintaining a deliberate silence and ignorance of the open challenge but how long they can deceive the world as I have taken a vow that I will take this whole issue to its logical conclusion.

  3. Magnetic fields warp space-time, but not gravity. All galaxies are surrounded by bubbles that interact by magnetic fields to form stars. I am not clear on what you say is "the open challenge? It seems to be what I believed in all along, that the EM force is really the only force, that nuclear force and weak interaction force, is really EM. Electric and magnetic are the same, from perspective orientation alignments. So there could just be one force, and spin, as the fundamental basis for everything.


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Type II SUPERCONDUCTORS constrain the magnetic field in FILAMENTS surrounded by vortex currents.

Type II SUPERCONDUCTORS constrain the magnetic field in FILAMENTS surrounded by vortex currents.
Superfluid helium is a type II superconductor that carries angular momentum by electric currents in quantized vortices