Sunday, November 10, 2013

Quasar Distances and Receding Redshift Interpretations Proven Wrong Unless an Optical Illusion by 99% Outflowing Gases

Practically all gas observed from earth near many hundreds of quasar centers, moves outwards and away from the inferred location where unproven unseen black hole AGN's supposedly gravitationally reside. Previous studies found most all hot gas exits and only cold gas filaments enter the inferred center regions of galaxies, discrediting the accepted cosmic expansion mostly based on the alpha lyman hydrogen redshift interpretation of galaxies.

Interpretative distortion of observations by citing an optical illusion, when the facts show that most all quasars have no blue shift, just high redshifts. Clouds don't orbit a black hole, or equal ratios of blue and red shifts would be detected, and incoming gas would not be extremely rare.

  1. DOPPLER MEASUREMENTS APPEAR TO SHOW A BIAS TOWARD GAS MOVING AWAY FROM EARTH. This discredits the redshift measurement data, and the cosmic interpretation for an expanding big-bang universe with dark energy, dark matter, and those required gravitational black holes.
2. Theoretical postulated black holes do not consume hot gas. Cold superfluids with cold gas filaments travel by a superflow towards hot galaxy centers, near where stars form inside cold filaments by phase change condensation.


  1. As I have said before 'dirty gas' (metalized gas) is a star-stopper. It is ejected in preference to pure gas.

  2. If we correctly assume that "black holes" aren't gravitational singularities, then the fact that practically all the hot gas is moving away from earth, and away from the black hole centers, is because it was produced by collective supernova ejections that produce galaxy jets. Outer space temps are declining,so the hot gas must be moving away, and the cold gas and cold superfluids are moving in towards active galaxy centers. Cosmic phase changes and heat distribution processes that aren't clearly understood makes rubbish for a big bang cosmic expansion.


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