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Quantized Spinning Internal Superfluid Structures Comprise Elementary Particles, Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe

A unified field theory, if nature such conforms, would be valid at all scales, from elementary particles, stars, galaxies, and hyperclusters. Quantized spin center superfluid atomic models were initially theorized after superfluid helium was discovered, when little was known about superfluidity. Superfluids and plasmas representing 99.99% of the universe are forming and shaping the centers of galaxy clusters, black holes, stars, and particles. The phony big bang uses vector theories with a gravity component, instead of the magnetic current. The zero vector is the most fundamentally important, and is where all vector force components vanish or cancel out. At the center of everything, all fundamental force fields geometrically align as a perfect sphere shaped Birkeland current with a double layer accelerating charged particles that produces anti-matter with magnetic monopole center. The monopole is the center of a superfluid state or the actual singularity. This is where matter and antimatter interactions happen, and the future of cosmology must include the magnetic current vector instead of gravity.
Dr Myron Evans wordpress story link

The proton has a ring shaped structure, and the electron is a sphere, writes scientist Myron Evans of ECE.

The ring nebula is both a perfect sphere surrounded by a ring shaped vortex. Observations indicate a binary star system pair is almost perfectly face-on from our view, implying that the geometric structure is also aligned with our viewing angle from earth.
Abel supernova with obvious superfluid vortex ring with opposite superflow spin to normal componentcomponent
Animation of vortices and countervortices

Aurora Borealis produced in lab by two different sized spheres both having spinning interior magnets powered by electrical bursts generated by a mini-gun. Electric current flows around the poles, and the entire geometrical structure is mathematically explainable using superfluid math.

Newly discovered cosmic scale examples of quantized spinning superfluids:

(1) Earth's Van Allen Ring Shaped Belts

Earth's Van Allen belts have a striped zebra pattern shaped by resonating orbital belt electron magnetic flux interactions. The inner electron belt is still being described by standard model physicists like Ukhorskiy to be like a "viscous fluid", but it has nearly zero viscosity. The inner belt ring is an electron ion trap where a double layered Birkeland current connected to earth's poles is carrying electric current, stirring the electron plasma superfluid around the earth with quantized spin velocity.

(2) False Gravity Wave Detection

Dr Evans explains how Einstein's field equations do not have spin, and that no conclusions can be made about Einstein's relativity of gravity. It is a collaborative  dogmatic carbon copy of the phony Higgs nobel prize purporting gravity waves were detected supporting big-bang cosmic inflation:

Nobel Prize claimed for Gravity wave Dogma
A carbon copy of the Higgs nobel prize for dogma. The sickening pseudo scientists themselves have collaborated together all their dogmatism, and have the audicity to ask for a nobel prize.

CMB of Earth's magnetic field anomaly between the outer core and mantle looks exactly like those phony devised gravity waves detected in the cosmic scale CMB:
 Earth's CMB anomaly at the surface and lower mantle boundary with the outer core

(3) Stars and galaxies form and are shaped by torroidal counter vortices within plasma flux tubes, aligned along thin superfluid bubble surface walls with interacting connections to double layered Birkeland currents. Quantized vortices carry real electric charges in superfluids, and moving charges are an electric current with associated magnetic fields in the labs. The phony neutron star was devised by gravity theory to make a superfluid star having entirely different physics in the labs, into a neutral gravity mass to misinterpret electrical charged plasma and quantized vortices of electric currents shaping these "neutron" stars.
EGG's or evaporating gaseous globules are very cold dense gaseous knots with  countervortice Birkeland currents of superfluid hydrogen, that shields radiation from penetrating inside where stars condense by a phase change and form like beads on strings.
Beltrami-Trkalian Vector Fields in Electrodynamics -hidden riches for revealing new cosmology
 & physics
Superflows have infinite thermoconductivity and dissipate heat extremely well

Magnetic galaxy whirlpools

(4) Polar Ring Galaxies and Birkeland Currents:
Polar Ring Galaxy
Magnetohydrodynamic fluid flow around a spinning projectile obstacle or moving galaxy.

Magnetic reconnection of vortices are Birkeland currents

(5) Solar System Birkeland Currents:

Saturn's Birkeland current

Magnetic Fields of Birkeland Currents by Scott

Birkeland currents of Polaritrons form braids, knots, beads, dna shapes, zebra stripes

6) Gravitational Lenses are Topological Defects in Superfluid Wormholes:

Spinning superfluid vortices having spin orbital light resonance connections to quasars, obviously explains away the gravitational lens big-bang dogma. Gravitational lensed quasars have been observed to change their shapes and light intensities in just three days, because the reflecting surface is a crystal like phase change or topological defect with quantized angular momentum in a superfluid vortex. Gravitational lenses are superfluid wormholes.

Hannes Alfven's solar circuit model with Birkeland current
Hannes Alfven's Solar Circuit Model
 New science of Atomtronics uses a cold quantum chemistry circuit to modernize Alfven's solar and galactic circuit

Superfluid motion of light

Quantzed Mass Black Holes

my suggestion that black holes are superfluid helium

Quantized vortices in a rotating cylinder
Point charges do not exist in ECE theory

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Type II SUPERCONDUCTORS constrain the magnetic field in FILAMENTS surrounded by vortex currents.

Type II SUPERCONDUCTORS constrain the magnetic field in FILAMENTS surrounded by vortex currents.
Superfluid helium is a type II superconductor that carries angular momentum by electric currents in quantized vortices