Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Double Helix Pigtail Molecular Cloud Further Supports a Living Cell Galaxy and Fractal Biocosmology

The pigtail molecular cloud is the most clear, detailed, and largest DNA like double helix molecular cloud discovered. It is near our galaxy's center where gases become very dense. Matsumura and Oka at Keiko University believe that a magnetic tube formed between the two clouds, which captures the gas that becomes twisted and squeezed by frictional contact. The magnetic tube is perpendicular to the milky ways galactic disc between the two clouds. The clouds move along the main two elliptical orbits around the galactic nucleus.

Pigtail molecular cloud

The paper: "Discovery of the Pigtail Molecular Cloud"
Overwhelming evidence grows that living processes shape galaxies.  The diffuse interstellar bands (DIBs) are hundreds of unidentified molecules that exist between the stars. They are believed to contain organic PAC's, which are known to be excreted as waste products by metabolism. Scientists say they form in outer space and caused life to emerge on earth. The PAC's could be trillions of years old and the logical theory is that life first arose on earth from outer space contamination from waste. The fact that PAC's are stable in outer space doesn't require any thinking for a theory on how they form in interstellar space. You'll be much better off realizing that earth is indeed a parasitic planet full of waste, and that you can do better than the Universe with the right kind of thinking.
Living Galaxy Cell Theory
Living filamentary plasma structures in the Universe

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  1. Recycling at its best. But then what if the material first came from a planet?

    If our heliospere is being compressed by energy, then wouldn't the compression release this exact form of gas?

    My theory:
    Who’s afraid of Radon Gas?

    My theory regarding Earth’s compressive cycles may be the reason why our universe has failed to produce alien visitors from the multitudes of oxygenated planets. The compression is due to an energy that expands cosmic space and squeezes all solar systems embedded within. We may be only one of many within this energy. The energy squeeze forces the gases within our heliosphere to compress, their space reduction forces the gases to become thicker.

    Now consider: science tells us that our radon gas comes from two sources, the Earth and the sky. Radon rises because it is a gas so that leaves us with coping with radon gas emitting from rocks which doesn’t sound too bad but oozing from every leaf on every tree does. Add solar rays which split upon hitting oxygen and nitrogen in our atmosphere and shower all living things. 130 millirems from space and 130 millirems from the ground. We get about 300 millirems. Because that figure is unchangeable it is considered a safe level.

    Now what if that unchangeable figure is actually able to be elevated by catastrophic events here on Earth. If Earth was to undergo compression where the gases, primarily radon, were much more dense hence more dangerous, life would be reduced in accord with the periodic squeezes of compression of gases.

    Since radon is undetectable, odorless, and rapidly degrades, life to preserve itself would rapidly discover that the only choice to be safe from this invisible killer would be to live afloat away from the Earth emissions or to live high up where the radon would flow downhill as it is heavier than air. Proponents of the flood theory miss the obvious; that the ocean and the high mountains were the last redoubts of safe havens from radon gas. Islands would perforce be the most probable safe haven.

    Now let’s look deep into the past of Earth. Ancient civilizations reached high levels of intelligence. Not particularly technology since that is our bailiwick, but intelligence in manipulation of the nature around them. Ancient Egyptians had recordings of the Algol star systems and knew it had altered is orbit time. Since this is true, it is also true that they knew about our periodic compressions that build up the dangerous radon gas and the compressive releases in which radon gas spreads over the Earth.

    As the heat would not have been released through expansion by passing to the back side of the Transform, it would have been released suddenly when the compression lifted when the energy holding it terminated. This would have created a heated core 'blow out.' Unfortuantely the greatest effect of this blow out would be to allow gases such as radon gas to saturate the planet. Safe harbors would have been breezy islands, airy mountain crags, highlands scoured by winds. There may have been no expansion along fractures but instead violent shivers of land shaking with earthquakes and gas explosions.

    Mars has experience one or two expansion events on the backside of the transform Earth has not. It has lost most atmosphere. It has lost most of its H2O. Science is using Curosity landed on Mars 2012 to look for water deep inside where it would be due to the expansion events. I suspect that there are significant gas chambers empty of gas that underlie the lithosphere. Similar to the large chamber science discovered in the crust of Earth. Of that cavity, M P of Vital Vastness notes its size and astonishing presence.
    Myth predicts that our compression lifts at the end of 2012. This would generate a sudden release of core heat. Possibly methanes and radon gases would proliferate.

    Our invisible, undetectable killer will soon be on the loose.


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