Monday, October 22, 2012

Ancient M87 Elliptical Galaxy Has Spiral Arms Raising Doubts on the Age of the Universe

Galaxy models are mostly based on dating back to the beginning of the universe by the big-bang theory. Ancient elliptical galaxies have little star formation, and are believed to be amongst the oldest galaxies in the universe. Two star forming spiral arms discovered in the galaxy core of nearby M87 raises doubts about how old galaxies and the universe really is. M87 is easy to study being only 12 million light years away, and is the first elliptical galaxy discovered to have spiral arms, by using a new telescope, and a new technique to study the galaxy core. 
M87 supposedly consumed a spiral galaxy, that formed a new spiral structure inside the far larger M87 galaxy's core.
Astronomers say M87 has a split personality because a gaseous spiral arm structure is in the elliptical galaxy's core. It is believed that M87 recently consumed a spiral galaxy, and the remains will be visible for a long time in the core.  The better explanation is that gravity theories on galaxy models are wrong, because no such new intricate spiral galaxy core remnant structure could survive or transform from turbulent gases, during a violent consumption over a long period of time inside the enormous M87 galaxy. There is never any evidence of black holes colliding in the universe, yet there are so many galaxy mergers during the long lifetimes of ancient galaxies, wrongfully used to explain the age of the universe. 

Near edge on view of M87 disk

The disk of M87 is nearly edge on with our line of sight, which allowed scientists to discover that M87 has two spiral arms. They believe that many more elliptical galaxies also have spiral arms. This contradicts current beliefs on how galaxies form and evolve. This "split personality" is actually their wrong interpretation and the truth that was discovered.
M87 core jetM87 nucleus and bright knot

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