Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Our Solar System and Alien Planets Orbit Stars In Flat Planes Defying Gravity and Dark Matter Theories

Alien planets orbit in same flat plane around star Kepler-30 
Feature story - "Planetary Orbits are Flatter Than Pancakes"
Over 85% of alien planets have inclinations less than three degrees. Trajectories of planets around host stars are closely aligned in a pancake shaped geometry, similar to planets in our own solar system. 7 out of 8 planets in our solar system have inclinations less than three degrees, with Mercury the exception. Julia Fang says "these flat orbits imply low relative inclinations with planets all orbiting near the same plane." Extremely thin flattened planes and low inclinations are consistent with planets forming in a protoplanetary disk by a shoddy gravitational explanation that adverts a predicted spherical distribution of planets. Ionized molecular clouds must have electric currents that produce the magnetic fields, that forms stars that form protoplanetary disks. 

Dusty disk around the star Haro 6-5B
The milky way galaxy's dwarf satellite companions ALSO Orbit in a Flat Plane around the galaxy disk.  98% of the stars in a galaxy orbit inside spiral arm filaments around the center of the galaxy. The solar system planets orbit in a flat plane.  Jupiter's electric field has been proven to stabilize the orbits of trojan asteroids, by the same mathematics that electrons orbit in a flat plane around an atomic nucleus.  Enormous thin flat walled superclusters of galaxies shows overwhelming evidence supporting an electromagnetic fractal universe.

The milky way's roughly 20 companions, including dwarf satellite galaxies and globular clusters, are distributed in a tidy plane that orbits at a right angle to the disk of the milky way galaxy.  Dark matter theories predict there should be a spherical distribution around our galaxy. Scientist Kroupa says on a National Geographic story "there is no dark matter."

Debris ring around star Fomalhaut

Planetary debris around dwarf star HD 107146

Why the Solar System's Plane is Flat 
Solar system's magnetized bubble and electric current sheet from the solar wind

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