Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cosmic Plasma Filaments With Attached Dark Matter Components Create Unexplainable Gravity Interpretations

3-D plasma filaments are twisted plasma knots called Birkeland currents - that have nothing at all to do with phony dark matter components attached inside and nearby cosmic filaments by gravity scientists who purport the big-bang cosmology. Electric currents moving along filaments shape galaxies and connect them together, not dark matter.  Filaments strongly attract gas and dust at these twisted knots where galaxy clusters collide together.  A line of sight aligned cosmic filament in the galaxy cluster Abell 520 is a humiliation to dark matter scientists, who cannot explain why so few galaxies are at the center. Ebeling's ESO team ridiculously claims that a thin vast 60 million light year long strand of dark matter (gravity) stretches back from the core of MACS J0717, almost along our line of sight from earth. Ebeling says "filaments distort the images of background galaxies." The team supposedly converted the distorted background images into a "mass map overlay" for dark matter, so that ground based telescopes could make the first ever 3-D map of a dark matter filament structure. The paper won't be published until next month. How they claim to have converted background image distortions from actual plasma filaments, into a phony dark matter interpretation, is by the collaborative crock pot of outdated standard cosmology. 
The phony dark matter mass map of MACS J0717 (shown in blue color) is in the galaxy cluster and surrounding region. The plasma filament visibly extends out and to the left of the cluster core.
MACS J0717 mass map overlay
3D Geometry of MACS J0717 Galaxy Cluster Filaments

The "mother of all galaxy cluster pileups" is MACS J0717 where four galaxy clusters are converging along a filament that contains 1,000 galaxies, gas clouds, and dust. Phony dark matter is purported to explain this.

MACS J0717 galaxy cluster

Abell 222 and 223 galaxy clusters have these imaginary fictional dark matter components attached to a filament along our line of sight by an aligned plasma filament.

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