Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Supernovas With Empty Centers Cannot be Standard Candles for Dark Energy Expansion of the Universe

"While it may sound a bit odd, we actually learned a great deal about this supernova by detecting absolutely nothing" states team leader Margutti at Harvard Astrophysics.

Arxiv Paper: "No X-rays From Supernova 2014J

The paper:
Theoretically required are the actual supernova core center fragmental remnants and stellar progenitors that have never been found for every observation of type Ia supernovas. Despite severe model debate and criticisms, they are being used to purport the expansion of the universe as standard candles for phony dark energy.
That's too damn clean to be a merger of two white dwarf stars. A merger of two stars would produce enormous amounts of x-rays, gamma rays, gaseous material filled turbulence, and obviously core remnants. All this is lacking in every case for type Ia supernovas, proving that they are not standard candles capable of measuring the expansion by dark energy.
Stringent constraints established by the team on the environment, rather than on their mechanism, actually refutes type Ia supernova models.

 The famous "cotton candy supernova" is like all other type Ia supernovas, being empty at the center, despite requiring a black hole according to gravitational type Ia supernova theory models. This is how The Electric Universe Thunderbolts explains this:

Supernovas Have an Exploding Double Layer

Supernova Simeis 147 is classified as an unknown type and unknown progenitor, simply because it could not have been produced by gravity. Clearly evident are electrical filaments streaming new stars on bubbles intersecting the center of a cold invisible transparent superfluid, having quantized electric current carrying vortices with associated magnetic fields.

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Type II SUPERCONDUCTORS constrain the magnetic field in FILAMENTS surrounded by vortex currents.
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