Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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Supernova W49B is only 26,000 light years away, and clearly there is not a black hole anywhere to be seen, despite current conjecture by scientists who believe in them.  So they call this the cotton candy black hole for what everyone can see is a supernova without a remnant. 
protoplanetary disk around protostar
largest spiral galaxy discovery

Binary protostars electromagnetically interact by pulsed accretion that beams light strobe pulses along their dusty disks

Phony black holes are disguises of dusty charges  
Wise detects heat from the sword of Orion's Nebula


ancient dead galaxy without star formation

Seagul nebula

supperbubble in large magellanic cloud

supernova particles are both hot and cold clumps of colliding material

dust clouds in reflection nebula GNC 1999

The Great Attractor region is inspirational
 Feb 15th flyby
Strong cosmic scale magnetic fields play a critical role in shaping our heliosphere bubble surrounding our solar system. This includes the interstellar and galactic magnetic field of our galaxy. To explain new findings, the retention theory has been recently proposed as the only model to best "fully explain all observations" by their gravity theories. This really means that all of their previous models of our solar system bubble were wrong, and new theories by plasma astrophysicists should be accepted instead.

Our solar system bubble is shaped by the interstellar magnetic field, which is shaped by the milky way's magnetic field, as part of an infinite fractal hierarchy model long ago proposed by famous scientists. 

measuring charge exchange of the solar wind in earth's magnetosphere required a collaboration for NASA, because astrophysicists believing in gravity cosmology want to deny and suppress truthful experiments and better interpretations.  NASA gravity scientists who purport their phony dark matter theories are seen to collaborate with other disciples, involved in the nature of plasma that suggests an electromagnetic ruled universe.  Dark matter scientists complied in collaboration because they always want to cancel out the soft X-ray emissions data detected locally by every X-ray telescope. The truth is that soft X-rays are widespread in interplanetary winds, stars, supernovas, and cosmic phenomena, and that black holes are not real.

Dark black cold regions where protostars condense along filaments found near star cluster in Lupus 3

 For a long time brown dwarf stars have been called "failed stars," but gravity scientists do not want to understand or know truths about how magnetic fields are shaping everything in the universe.
"we don't understand what the magnetic fields are shaped like"

"Dark Cloud in Space Resembles a Gecko."  Beautiful fractal cosmology is evident as they zoom out at the end of the video. The dark clouds are extremely cold dense gas regions, where protostar cores condense and form like beads along filamentary strings. Temperatures in the blacker regions are about 20 degrees kelvin, and protostars form in the coldest densest obscured central regions, that could approach near absolute zero.  There is strong evidence for a phase change of helium gas into a liquid state, to explain stellar and galactic formation.

 There's really no reason to believe that any kind of unusual collision will take place with the dying star Betelgeuse as purported

Venus's magnetosphere


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Type II SUPERCONDUCTORS constrain the magnetic field in FILAMENTS surrounded by vortex currents.
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