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Geometric Efimov Halo Effect Scales Particles in Quantum Mechanics to near Infinite Cosmological Size

Wikipedia animation of the Efimov halo effect in a universal resonance state of size scale invariancy for three particles forming hierarchical trios of interconnecting interacting structures by fractal Russian doll nesting. Four, five, and six-body N-particles are also universal parts of the same Efimov state. An incredible breakthrough came in 2012 when a new class of three-body states was discovered by Esry and Guerara, that they say works for practically everything, and unlike Efimov states works for both bosons and fermions, and at farther distances than the close ranges of Efimov states. By this they argue that 4-body Efimov states are actually their own discovered unnamed states. 

The adjustable parameter a used in Efimov physics is no longer necessary in the better new mathematical system by Esry that works for both bosons and fermions, including ordinary matter. Adjustable parameters, like dark matter, are fudge factors wrongly used wherever they are needed. 
The new quantum state fills in a knowledge gap about three-body systems and quantum mechanics, which Newton lacked when he studied the three-body system of the earth, moon, and sun. Had Newton known about attractive 1/r^2  Efimov interactions, cosmology would never have been based on gravity. Why? Magnetic monopole dimers are real, and will work in cosmology just as well as if another new Efimov like state dimer was discovered that works at vast distances just like gravity. Antimatter monopoles with dimers in a supermassive black hole organizes individual He4 atoms to behave collectively as a single gigantic atom.

Each 22.7 times larger Efimov state is also 22.7 squared times weaker. When a trimer is built from a mixture of different particles rather than an identical set, the scaling factor of 22.7 decreases according to the particles' relative masses.

 The discovery of a Three-body trimer Efimov like state that works at vast distances, rather than just at intermediate and close distances, could perfectly model the Sun-Earth-Moon system, replacing outdated Newtonian gravity, Keplers laws of planetary motion, and Einstein's predicted dark matter big-bang cosmology.

 Cosmological sizes are predicted to reach to near infinite for the Efimov Halo Effects seen in laboratory conditions. Similar lab and cosmic conditions are:  Laser, vacuum, near zero kelvin, electric and magnetic fields. Soap films form Booremean knots on the magnetized surfaces of bubbles. Many different types of structures more complex than three particle Booromean rings form by different types of geometric objects besides triangles, such as squares, rectangles, and spheres. Birkeland currents surround the earth and appear to have a three Booromean ring geometry, twisting around the earth on a spherical shaped magnetized plasma bubble, with knots and braids connecting with the magnetosphere.

Booromean Rings produced by three particles, such as:  three atoms, molecules, microscopic and macroscopic objects, that mathematically scales to nearly an infinite sized object.

Molecules formed by Booromean rings

 Spherical bubble shapes of molecules

Birkeland currents shaped by Efimov halo effects form geometric equilateral triangles around the earth.

Booromean Rings of Films On Soap Bubbles are just some of many ring types that are predicted to scale by the universal laws of Efimov physics, to the sizes and surfaces of cosmic bubbles:

Booromean knots are dusty films that scale to cosmic bubbles. Efimov states are a particular realization of a topological knot consisting of three rings that never contact. These are cosmic scale Birkeland currents.

Atomic physics, nuclear physics, and cosmology at the three-body level:

Two gold nanospheres that nearly touch produce 3d gold dimers. This observation supports the belief that monopoles and antimatter is everywhere at all scales.

Efimov physics refutes the existance of gravitational Black holes:

The radius is the size of a black hole made of many different kinds of ultracold atoms in many highly excited and deeply nested Efimov states. The size increases about 21 to 22.7 times for each consecutively higher excited Efimov state, and is inversely proportional to the lowering of temperature nearer to absolute zero. Helium4 trimers have been observed in labs, and in a mixture with other ultracold atoms, could universal scale into tetramers, pentamers, and even hexamers, until reaching the size of a super massive black hole.

Professor Efimov
Black holes are mostly superfluid helium 4 atoms, because helium atoms have about 1/3 the mass of the universe. The proven carbon 12 nucleus Hoyle state discovered in red giant stars, has the shape of an equilateral triangle. Quantum and cosmic scale Efimov states are the hottest newest physics in quantum mechanics and cosmology.

 N-body Galaxy computer simulations

Halton Arp first predicted that resonant states will emerge in cosmology, and can be used to explain the quasar redshifts. Arp wrote that there is a long range quantum connection and spin interaction that connects ejected quasars to a large host parent galaxy, which could be from the collective resonance of all the electrons in space. Efimov states are resonances that universally scale to all sizes, and are the perfect example to what Arp describes:

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