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Geometry of Triangles, Squares, and Spheres Scales and Shapes the Electrical Charged Plasma Superfluid Universe

 The Hoyle ground state of the Carbon 12 nucleus is an alpha particle stream of three helium nuclei, composed of two neutrons and two protons, in the shape of an equilateral triangle. Alpha particles and anti-alpha antimatter particles are found in equal ratios together, and can either annihilate, or charge separate by magnetic vortex spin to form the universe. There is no missing antimatter in the universe, it is common everywhere, and both are found in the stable particle called the tetraquark.
Carbon 12 Equilateral Triangular Nucleus

 The ground state Oxygen 16 nucleus is composed of four alpha cluster particle streams of protons and neutrons shaped like a tetrahedron. The first excited state of the Oxygen 16 nucleus is composed of four alpha particle streams in a square shape, which is the state that is detected in stars.

All of which got me stars
Carbon 12 + Oxygen 16 produces Silicon 28. The numbers of protons and neutrons are all exactly equal. So there does not have to be a gravity fusion method in stars, because zero spin bosons in strong electric currents with associated magnetic fields can produce the heavier elements up to iron by the geometrical alignment of forces.
The poorly understood production of oxygen 16 from carbon 12 can be figured out by using geometry to fit the nuclei pieces together.
Superfluids that are bosons have zero spin, as do all atoms that have an equal ratio of protons to neutrons. There are exactly equal numbers of protons to neutrons in the most common forms of hydrogen, helium, carbon 12, oxygen 16, and silicon 28. These atoms are commonly formed inside stars, but wrongly believed to be formed by gravity fusion. Stars begin life with plentiful superfluid hydrogen conversion into helium. Helium conversion produces carbon, then oxygen, and then silicon. Iron has 26 protons and 30 neutrons, and is ejected by supernovas unable to form any more heavier stable elements. The atomic nuclei types and geometric shapes, are ways to think and be able to predict the geometric shape of the silicon nucleus, and the geometric shapes of other bosonic atoms. Spherical shaped electrons traveling collectively around the atomic nucleus are mostly found along intersecting filaments, that outline the geometry of the nucleus.

  The Triangleum Galaxy

Geometric Shaped Galaxies

Square shaped Dwarf Galaxy of Milky Way

 Perfect Sphere Electrons, Stars, Globular Clusters, Galaxy Clusters, Voids

 Anti-alpha particles produced in the collider are composed of antimatter alpha particles. The models of quarks, protons, and neutrons, are largely imaginary and not correct.
Positron curve in the opposite direction of the electrons under an applied magnetic field.

Antimatter is Everywhere in the Universe

 Antimatter trapped
 Antimatter positron cloud
Milky Way antimatter detection by Integral

Lagrange Points are where all the forces are balanced out together:

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Type II SUPERCONDUCTORS constrain the magnetic field in FILAMENTS surrounded by vortex currents.
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